The Cream Is Rising!

As we close in on July’s new moon the cream is definitely rising as the natural buoyancy of those with light in their hearts rise into a new world, a world of love and life! Don’t get me wrong, the gridlock remains. The game of duality remains but it is not the duality of good and evil. It is the duality of male and female balanced for the very first time.

What is happening is that our natural buoyancy is allowing us to rise out of that gridlock and distance ourselves from it. I guess this is what ascension is all about! I know it feels exciting, fresh and wonderful! But its certainly a gradual thing.

The next full moon is Mid Summer’s Eve, a most magical time in many traditions. This is when we can taste the harvest of our labors for the first time. Until then we have officially moved from the flowering phase into the fruiting phase as our new lives begin to take shape. But the fruit is still green on the vine.

In my own case I’m writing and beginning to share videos for a whole new readership, one that might not understand the metaphysical and spiritual nature of my past posts. So please bear with me as I try to bring them up to speed as well. I have spent the first part of this year in limbo trying to sort out what my next adventure is supposed to be. Suddenly about two weeks ago things began taking shape and I began to understand the way forward. Work was becoming unbearable with constant stress and was really getting to me. I decided that this time next year I hope to be self employed. I would rather spend my time sharing things with you than working general labor in a factory! So I’m reaching out for my dream and I’m having some fun with it at the same time! So expect lots of posts and videos through the rest of the year!

The first consideration was the growing threat of censorship on the internet. Anyone who’s thinking outside the box is seriously at risk. This is a time to think inclusively and above the fray, not be drawn into it. The world has become an echo chamber where people just hear the same thoughts over and over mindlessly repeated by others. This is not good and this is not healthy! Freedom of speech is the greatest gift we have been given here in the United States and it makes me sad to see this challenged. Writers and value producers can no longer rely upon people finding their sites through the ranking of search engines as they have in the past. Like most other things the search engines have become politicized. The Borg or collective group hive mind are intent upon exterminating all opposing views. The answer is not to resist, but to embrace and rise through and above their own ideological structure. Its not that their dream or vision is wrong, but that it is not complete!

The answer is to complete their vision for them by taking things far beyond what they envision and use their own energies to help us move forward. This is the way through the gridlock, to rise through it molecule by molecule like cream rises through raw milk. This is my new adventure, to guide those who care to join me on this journey into an entirely new out of the box way of thinking.

Here is the secret. Whenever we hear something, read something or experience something that we understand, it becomes part of us and we can’t get rid of it even if we don’t agree with it! This is also the secret of brainwashing and the constant ads that bombard us. Whatever we let in can’t be expelled! It has to be integrated! If it is not integrated it will sit there festering inside of us and cause loss of energy, discouragement and even illness if it remains unresolved.

What this means in practical terms is that we have all been exposed to certain beliefs, concepts, morals and values through our society and culture. We know what is “politically correct” and what is not. So we are already infected and the only way out is through by neutralizing and integrating them one step at a time. This means being exposed to other beliefs, concepts, morals and values that are even more appealing to us. That is what I am going to do in my new posts and videos! It is time we all began living in our hearts!

Now for an update on my new adventure. I just bought a Blue Yeti microphone for making videos and it is awesome! But there were some issues at first and I spent nearly three days figuring out how to make it work. Finally I needed to install a program on my computer called “VoiceMeeter Banana”! It is a virtual music mixer that is able to control the static of my Blue Yeti microophone so that the audio is perfect! But even that didn’t work quite as it was supposed to. I also got a fun video editor named “Filmora”. I think its kind of for beginners, but that’s what I am!

I just finished a three video introduction to my new series of video posts called “The Last Rosicrucian”. Lastly check out my new main webpage. I think its pretty hot!


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