The Conscious Individual

The highest possible goal in life is the totally integrated soul and totally integrated individual! This integrated awareness encompasses all things physical, all things sensual, all things emotional, all things perceivable through the senses, all things mental and all things spiritual. The highest possible goal is for individual awareness to be truly multi dimensional!

Only the concept of individual rights is meaningful and if individual rights were truly enforced they would be enforced for everyone! In fact identity politics and the concept of minority rights are meaningless and destructive. They are scams used by con artists to empower themselves by taking away personal power and choice from their own followers.

The independent and free individual that follows their own inner authority, the still small voice of conscience within their heart, is by nature good and lives an honestly productive life. This person remains free from all external authorities.

Both individuals and society function best when the rights of individuals are recognized and enforced. This happens when the individual is free from group control, government force or any other external authority.

To force any individual to do something against their will and against their own nature can never be justified. It is understood that each individual must face and accept the consequences of their own individual actions.

Self-sacrifice and altruism are the most common ways for people to lose any personal empowerment which they possess. They do this by not going after their own goals, dreams and desires but by being sacrificed to some higher purpose that they are conned into believing in and supporting with their own time, effort and money..

Competency and skill develop self-esteem. A good self-esteem is needed for mental and emotional health. We achieve our dreams by proactively reaching out for them, not waiting for them to come to us.

Within societies and nations there is a big difference between collective agreement that is chosen by individuals and moral laws forcefully imposed upon individuals for the good of humanity.