There should be a balance to our lives. Everything is where it should be within our environment. The door we must open lies within our reach if we can only discover where it is.

Where ever it is we want to go, our starting point is in the same room we are in right now. There is an action we can take that will alter our life. That action is a new action we have not taken before and we probably don’t know what that action is. That action might be a small simple action but it will have tremendous consequences on the rest of our life.

Most of the time it comes out of our blind spot and we only stumble upon it by accident. Many actions are like walking on a treadmill. We put out effort and energy but don’t get any place. When we do the wrong actions we don’t get anywhere.

When we do the right actions our lives are changed forever. Correct actions are accumulative and empower us over time. Good friends can see the things we can’t. They will help us if we let them. One secret is closure. When we start something we must finish it or the energy we have already spent remains unfocused and acts as a drain on our energy reserves. Instead of walking on an endless treadmill we can break our actions down into specific physical tasks that can be completed with closure.

Completing something gives us energy to start new projects. Completing brings energy back into our lives. If we don’t finish we never get the energy back. During each day set aside a portion of time to work for specific future goals. In performing these tasks our efforts take on added power and momentum. At first perhaps very little can be done, in time more and more can be accomplished.

Effort toward goals is cumulative and will grow in time. We progress in life through modest accumulated effort and not through heroic one time efforts. This has been one of the most difficult lessons I have had to learn. I have always wanted to do the heroic and not deal with the day to day realities. This reluctance to deal with the day to day realities of life has held me back for years. I am only now starting to come to terms with this issue.

All out heroic efforts have not gotten me anyplace except out of the frying pan and into the fire. Modest accumulations over long periods of time have brought the most important and lasting changes into my life.

As an example I got married and joined the military in a heroic effort at raising a family. It didn’t work. I got the marriage and the family but I also got the divorce and the separation from my children. Heroic efforts seem in my life to be like a two edged sword take gives and takes. Slow and steady bring true results. Like a fine wine, the universe and nature will not be rushed. Everything has its own season. If we don’t have something it is because we are not ready to have it. We don’t know enough about what we want.

Modest forward progress has been constant and over the years the thing that has been most empowering in my life. The pattern seems to be take a risk, gain experience and then gain skill. When enough skill has been gained I have advanced. At this point my progress seems to be increasing at an exponential rate. The progress I have made toward personal goals in the past year alone is more than I have made in the ten previous years combined.

I’ve got to conclude that long term planning and working toward long term goals are two of the key ingredients for personal empowerment and goal achievement. This is especially effective when combined with the closure concept. It seems to be an unbeatable combination.

This balance is only possible by working through and with the conditions of my life as they currently are and not as I wish them to be. Break things down into small chunks that are easy to do and put closure on them. Slow and steady does win the race.