What exactly are the astral planes anyway? You hear the phrase over and over again. You read about the astral planes and books. Are people even talking about the same thing when they use the word?

It is certain that they are not. The subject of the astral planes is so confusing that even the experts disagree. What I’m going to do is explain the astral planes in a very specific and scientific perspective that is far more comprehensive and accurate than anyone else I know of.

This is possible using the general field theory of the late Dewey Larson. The astral planes are scientific and exist in a concrete and scientific way. They operate in very specific ways and follow very specific universal laws of nature. This subject will be addressed in stages until it is explored thoroughly through the use of metaphor.

Each metaphor will introduce an element of the astral planes and place it in a specific context. Other metaphors will add to the basic understanding until the astral planes can be intuited in their completeness.

The first metaphor is that of an atom. The atom exists as heavy particles within the center called protons and neutrons encircled by electrons that form an electronic cloud and create the outer physical boundary of the atom.

The electron cloud is another name for the tracks or paths the electrons follow as they orbit the nucleus of the atom. These tracks or paths can also be called magnetic flux lines or even astral cords. Astral cords or magnetic flux lines and electrons travel through them at the speed of light.

The electron cloud is the aura of the atom. The aura of the physical body is the electron cloud that surrounds the physical body. This is the magnetic field energy of the physical body and created out of magnetic flux lines. The aura of planet Earth is called the astral planes. It is created out of the earth’s magnetic field energies and consists of magnetic flux lines or ley lines as they are sometimes called.

These metaphors are exact. The so-called astral planes are not planes but layers of magnetic flux lines or astral cords packed tightly together and interconnected. They are pathways that exist for electrons to travel.

Electrons and human awareness travel these pathways. Our souls are complex photons or divine sparks of light. We might call them electrons. Simple awareness is a point of light or an electron. Each one of us is a star! We can send our awareness as a point of light or energy out beyond our physical bodies to travel within the electron clouds of other people or of the earth itself. This is the root of psychic phenomenon.

The development of our star into various astral bodies creates an awareness which can travel outside of our physical bodies. This is the goal of magical development