We have explored how cellular life evolved from a photon driven energy system that forced evolutionary changes and quantum leaps into new organizational patterns. This is basic chaos theory. We have also spoken about how cellular life gave off living energy into the astral. There was something that remains stable and allows the cell to remain a cell even when it attracts nutrients and expels waste matter.

This organizing intelligence seeks to keep the cell alive and vital. In higher organisms this forms the rudimentary Shadow or Id. It is a secondary personality responsible for keeping us alive and healthy. The Shadow creates the neural pathways inside our brain. When our awareness is linked with the Shadow it remains within our physical bodies. It is also the beginning of our Soul.

Upon death the life force leaves the dead physical matter and leaves an astral ghost or memory trace of the entire life time from birth to death. These memory traces exist within the time/space universe as the astral worlds. The astral worlds show memory traces of the ghosts of the past and of the future as it has already happened.

Our awareness is an individual energy pulse that has selected one particular life time and is traveling through that life time experiencing it as full 3 dimensional sensory awareness in the present moment. Metaphysically we are where our awareness is.

The astral worlds cover the entire earth. The pulse of our awareness can travel through the astral worlds as well. In Jungian psychology this is known as the Collective. Freud called it the Super Ego. Mystics call it Cosmic Consciousness and magicians call it the Holy Guardian Angel.

It is not really alive until we encounter it. Our awareness brings it to life once more as we re-live things that have happened before. In reality the astral consists of astral cords or pathways through time and we can choose where the pulse of our awareness will go. The pre-existing routes we term destiny or fate. They lie in our future and in the astral we can explore them ahead of time so to speak.

The thing is that we don’t need to travel these old ghost pathways. History does not need to repeat itself. We can create new pathways through time. Magic work is the forging and creation of new astral pathways and experiences that have not existed before. It is changing the future and perhaps even the past.

Individual awareness has evolved beyond cellular life. It has evolved into human life. When we consider life as a photon driven energy system that makes quantum leaps it means human awareness is a photon driven energy system.

Our awareness contains compound molecules and the cells of our physical body. Our awareness contains the bions or emotions and thoughts our bodies generate. Our awareness travels in astral bodies as we sleep and travels the entire earth and the astral planes. Our awareness also travels as a pulse through the memory traces of individual souls giving us the illusion of being that person.

Even more important, just as the organizing intelligence of the cell is independent of the physical matter that passes through it, our own awareness is independent of our physical bodies and continues as an energy pulse of conscious awareness upon the death of our physical bodies. Awareness is independent of matter.

The fact a particular life time exists in the astral as a memory trace is proof such a life time existed but the fact that in the astral the future can be seen is also proof it has already happened. We, as a pulse of awareness are simply re-living and re-enacting a massive video game in the hopes of getting a better score than the last pulse of awareness that moved through it.

When we are born the game begins and when we die the game is over. The trick is to create the future we desire astrally before we experience it physically. When we can do this we have won. The future, HGA or collective traps us within a destiny. Our Shadow is the only hope we have of breaking free. Our physical bodies and physical circumstances are illusions that we trap ourselves within. We break free of the illusion by developing the seven astral bodies and integrating them with our Shadow aspect.

Occult and mystical literature are filled with references to the astral planes and the creatures that are said to inhabit them. The entire topic is highly controversial and subjective. Some of the more pragmatic call the astral planes our dream world.

I don’t remember how many times I’ve been told not to confuse the levels. Something that I am apparently pretty good at! What are these mysterious levels anyway?

Organic Gnosticism takes a harsh, scientific view of the astral planes and comes to a few interesting conclusions that are sharply at odds with some widely held beliefs while supporting others.

Organic Gnosticism maintains that each physical object and each living thing is a resonant circuit made up of both inductance and capacitance. The physical body stores and discharges energy. The aura or soul is the magnetic field that surrounds the body. The strong current of bio-electric energy that flows through both the capacitive body and the inductive soul is what causes self-awareness.

To briefly summarize in non-technical terms, everything that physically exists forms a resonant circuit. Light causes it to grow and expand in complexity and to interact with its environment. A return current is generated that is electrical in nature. This life current is forced to circulate endlessly within the circuit until physical death.

Without the physical body self-awareness does not exist. Death of the physical body breaks the resonant circuit and all remaining energy tries to return back to the source as electrical energy which is met by an outgoing burst of light energy and forced into another physical body that is more advanced and complex than the old one…ect.

What is important is to perceive all physical objects as having both a physical body and an aura or soul. These two components are inseparable and work together to stabilize the physical object or life form.

In a similar manner the earth is surrounded by a large magnetic field and is a resonant circuit. The earth’s magnetic field contains the collective magnetic fields of everything that exists upon it. This huge resonant circuit works to stabilize the entire earth and everything that lives upon it. It is a dynamic force of raw nature. The universe we live in is made up of photo/electrical energy, magnetic field energy, and physical atoms and molecules. While higher, more complex forms of energy do exist they are all reducible to photo/electrical components as described in previous posts.

There is no need to create fantastic magical worlds and creatures when it is possible to use existing technology to explain subjective experiences. These subjective experiences involve individual awareness and how life energy flows through us in a resonant circuit.

While everything is reducible to photo/electrical components, individual awareness is not normally found in photo/electrical energy or in magnetic field energy over long periods of time.

Illumination may come if a person’s awareness is advanced enough to transform into photo/electrical energy. This subjective state does not last any length of time and a more normal state of awareness always returns, albeit higher and more advanced than before the illumination experience. This suggests that awareness does not normally exist as photo/electrical energy over long periods of time.

Magnetic field energy is by nature a vortex energy and awareness transformed to this type of energy would find itself either strongly focused by South pole energy or rapidly dispersed by North pole field energy. Either way awareness at this level is not stable but is in a transition phase.

For all practical purposes individual awareness would not appear in a lasting manner as either photo/electrical energy or as magnetic field energy. It does exist however, in physical life forms. This is important evidence that a physical body is needed for individual awareness.

Individual awareness is obviously more than a physical body.
For example, every physical atom is surrounded by its own magnetic field. An atom is both one or more electrons circling around a nucleus and a magnetic field that encloses it.

The more complex the atom or molecule the more complex the magnetic field or aura that it has. In electronics a magnetic field is termed inductive and has flux lines within it. It is usually generated by passing electrical current through a coil.

Also in electronics physical atoms and molecules have both resistance and capacitance. Resistance is something’s ability or inability to conduct electrical energy. This is not of interest to us at this time.

Capacitance is a physical objects ability to store or discharge electrical energy. This is very important to us because when capacitance and inductance are equal in an electrical circuit a resonant circuit is formed.

This resonant circuit stabilizes itself and resists change. It also has a large flow of energy within the circuit itself with a very small amount of energy entering it or leaving it. If not for the resistance within the circuit itself the flow of energy would be perpetual once it began to flow.

Resonant circuits allow us to listen to radio stations or to watch television channels. They are a very important part of the electronics industry. The portion of the circuit that is resonant is called the tank circuit.

The tank circuit in any physical object would include both the physical body and the magnetic or astral body. Large amounts of energy would constantly flow from the physical body to the astral body and back to the physical body in an endless loop. This tank current is what causes life and individual awareness in higher life forms.

In elements and compounds this tank current determines the behavior and life span of the physical object itself. Because of this the magnetic layers around the earth contain a large tank current that determines the behavior and life spans of everything on earth. All living things including humans must conform to the greater needs of the earth itself.

If there is a need for a massive earthquake to relieve internal stresses there is nothing that man can do to prevent it from occurring. The massive tank currents of the earth’s astral planes shape man’s destiny and not the other way around. Man must find a way to conform and live in harmony with these mighty forces of nature.

Now it’s time to take a closer look at the earth’s astral planes and its characteristics.

The lightest elements like hydrogen and helium are at the outer edge of the earth’s atmosphere and their magnetic field would naturally be found at the outer edge of the earth’s atmosphere. The heaviest elements like #118 if it exists would naturally be found deep within the earth’s surface as would it’s magnetic field.

Many elements do not exist in their pure form in nature, they exist as compounds. Still, they are individual elements and the magnetic field for each element exists as does a composite magnetic field for the compound.

Organic Gnosticism proposes that there is a magnetic layer around the earth for each element that exists. This would mean that there were 118 inductive layers surrounding the earth as part of the earth’s resonant circuit. These 118 layers are known more commonly as the astral planes.

In addition Organic Gnosticism also proposes that the astral planes around the north magnetic pole are what is commonly known in metaphysics as the spiritual/astral plane having all layers from the lowest to the highest but with expansive energies.

The astral planes around the south magnetic pole form what is known as the magical plane and is involved with the formation of physical reality. In magic they have been termed the qlippotic or demonic planes.

Probably the best way to understand the astral planes is to explore them one at a time. To do this an assumption is made that an element’s astral layer will share the characteristics of it’s physical counterpart. This follows the time honored phrase, “as above, so below”. This refers to the occult tradition that astral events are intimately connected to physical events.

If this phrase holds true it should allow us to map the astral layers that surround the earth and give us insight into it’s true nature. Also following occult tradition we will begin with the heaviest, material levels and work our way upward to the lightest, spiritual levels.

The reasoning for this approach is that our astral body normally resides inside the physical body. Together they create a resonant circuit. The astral body will not travel outside of the physical body unless the physical body has stored enough energy to propel it outward for short periods of time. This happens in our dreams as we sleep.

During dreams astral contact is made with other astral objects or life forms. This always results in an energy loss or energy exchange where the dream ends. The physical body did not have enough stored energy to maintain the connection. The physical body is depleted of its energy and the astral body is forced to return to the physical body.

This energy draining aspect of the astral is why we begin with the lowest astral levels in our exploration. They are the closest to physical reality and most important to our physical survival.