Tantra And The First Stage Of Love

Tantra and working with sexual energies are natural for females. Tantra was designed and created mostly to help the male understand the power of his own sexuality and how to work creatively with the female in the development of the soul.

At first the male struggles with how to be both body and spirit. He struggles to open his heart to spiritual love while maintaining an awareness of his physical body and its needs as well. He looks at his partner and sees a goddess. He sees her as a divine being and places her onto a pedestal. He worships her. He has expectations and standards for her that are so high that only a goddess could fulfill them. He does not feel worthy of her love.

She feels his energy coming into her aura and into her body. They haven’t even physically touched yet. This is all a dynamic exchange of sensual and sexual energies. Mentally she identifies with the goddess within her and opens herself to embrace and accept his energy. This is true goddess love. She acts through instinct and recognizes what sensations his energies produce within her physical body. All options are explored. She allows this. She loves herself and the entire world. She accepts his worship of her. She is the goddess. His love makes her feel lovable.