I seem to be on a roll with this new project! Once I decided to take the plunge I can’t seem to stop writing! I feel the energy pushing me forward and I’m rolling with it.

The interesting thing about Tantra is that it is considered the path to enlightenment within this lifetime, not the next. It is also the path that develops the Thunderbolt or Diamond astral body, a very strong and powerful astral body. Other paths teach that one will gain their rewards after the death of the physical body.

If we consider my previous essays it should be clear that Organic Gnosticism is about results! By this I mean immediate and significant results. All it takes is the guts to continue on this heroic path and I mean heroic! The development of the soul and its powers is purely a mechanical process that only requires massive amounts of physically generated energy over long periods of time. You provide the energy and the universe will take care of the rest.

Pick up any valid book on tantra and you will find that it says much the same thing about the power of tantra and also its dangers. Well the dangers are no longer as significant as they were before our collective ascension. If you haven’t gone crazy by now you will probably not go crazy because of tantric practices.

By now you are probably thinking, That’s all well and good but I don’t have a suitable tantric sex partner!

Now it’s my turn to laugh! You don’t need one!

Tantric practice and the generation of sexual orgasm energy can be heterosexual; homosexual or even autoerotic! Chuckle. It is a mechanical process, not a romantic one!

While tantra is usually thought of as male and female partners working together in specific and ritualistic ways; none of the usual rituals or meditations or specifics are required! The only thing required is the generation of sexual orgasm energy at least twice a day over long periods of time. This is perhaps the most misunderstood aspect of tantrism.

Obviously male and female partners working together will be mixing male and female energies for the development of their souls and magical empowerment. But both homosexual workings and autoerotic practice will work just as powerfully by provoking incubus or succubus type experiences. Medieval cloisters and monasteries were filled with demonic incubi and succubae encounters due to the frenzied masturbatory practices of horny monks and nuns.

The generation of sexual orgasm energy at least twice a day is required to break through the elasticity of astral creations and bonds. Now the female will have no problem with this; but the male will be hard pressed in this regard. More will be said about these things later. I have shared enough for any reader to prove for themselves through practical experience that this practice will provoke explosive dreams on a consistent basis without fail.

It should be stated that tantra is also called the path of woman because it is natural for the female but not natural for the male. In this regard the female has the advantage over the male and is often considered the power behind tantric practice. Again more will be said on this in the proper place.


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