Taking The Leap Of Faith

In time the inspired bits and pieces that we receive from our intuitive self begin to form dimly perceived patterns. We get very excited about these spiritual illuminations. We are developing a new way of thinking and understanding that will change our entire life.

Fascinated by these new perceptions of truth, we commit the sacrifice of believing in our own visions rather than what physical reality says or demands. We identify exclusively with our higher self and our visions. We have become removed from personal desires, emotions, thoughts, regrets and attachments. We’re living entirely in our heads and on the brink of going around the bend. We are about to jump off the cliff!

Only one thing matters. Perfect union with the divine. We have become lost in our passion for mystical experience. We have become a thing of wood with no emotional nature whatsoever. Close friends, relatives, and family members are hurt and confused by the distance that has grown between us. We no longer live in the same world that they do and they can’t reach us! We have become so heavenly bound that we are no earthly good!

But everything happens for a reason and often what happens is the result of several small things and not one large trigger event. Everything is gray. Everything is in motion. Good and evil, right and wrong, all become meaningless concepts. Moral values are imposed by man and not by the Divine. All is pure existentialism. What you see in front of you is what is real. The universe is self-evident and everything is right in plain view if you can only see it.

There are two sides to everything, a passive element and an active element that must be balanced together. Logic and reason are destroyed. We begin to realize that all things can logically be proven to be the best that ever happened or the worst that ever happened. Truth is relative. Values are real only to those that perceive them to be real.

We know that our awareness is spiritual in nature, that we are a spiritual being with a soul. Our all-consuming goal is perfect realization of the divine Christ spirit within our hearts and complete harmony with our conscience.

The spiritual realms are revealed to us in their entirety. We gain insight into our true purpose in life. Unfortunately we can perceive the goal but we can’t reach it. Physical reality fights against us. Our own self-destructive tendencies have become an unruly beast that refuses to go where we want it to. It is badly in need of discipline. We don’t know how to physically manifest our vision and we become very frustrated.

Gradually we work through our false thinking and confront the realities of daily life. Each day of hard work brings new freedom from the chains of cause and effect.

We might seem irrational and we might fear that we are going insane. But our spiritual desire and intoxication continue to plunge us into spiritual oblivion. Spiritual oblivion takes the form of intense joy and spiritual bliss. Life becomes a great joy and dance that needs no other purpose than itself. This state of mind is called dancing in the light. The intense harmony holds us spellbound. With joy we realize that we are not going insane after all. There is a physical and material purpose to what we are doing. In joy we unite the physical and spiritual within ourselves and work toward an integrated supreme goal.

We become enthused about the great things that we are doing even if no one else understands us.