Submission To The Holy Guardian Angel

As this new eon progresses both secondary personalities, the HGA and the Shadow will become increasingly active. A great increase in auditory and visual hallucinations can be expected. For the Holy Guardian Angel this means visions from God or Jesus or other religious figures.

If you can’t integrate the HGA expect to hear and see it more and more along with religious and spiritual experiences. This will act to polarize the world population even more along religious vs materialist lines. There is no way to forecast how one might experience contact with the HGA in their lives.

My own experience integrating my HGA started at age fourteen and continued gradually to the age of forty. Things will happen much more quickly in today’s world. At age fourteen I my conscience awoke. This was a religious experience for me since I reached a point where I could no longer stand myself and who I was becoming. What did it matter if God forgave me when I couldn’t forgive myself?

Aligning my life to be in harmony with my conscience was the first major step in submission to the HGA. “Not my will but Thy will be done”. We might say this is the first step in submission to the HGA.

This alignment was not complete because I still attempted to stay within the confines of my religious upbringing. I began Rosicrucian studies at age eighteen and was introduced to advanced philosophical concepts like reincarnation and the symbolic, not literal meaning of the bible. Truth came from the Christ Spirit within my heart. I needed to follow an inner path and not a “Christian” one.

The external church held no answers. We might say the second step in submission to the HGA is to forsake tradition and external guidance to listen only to the still small voice of the Master Within that speaks through our hearts.

Then followed twenty years of intense study and the formulation of a paradigm or complete belief system. My belief system was created out of “illuminations” or flashes of insight. These communications from the HGA gradually formed a comprehensible and complete paradigm or personal belief system. We might say the third step in submission to the HGA is “Illumination” and personal insight into the reality of nature and life. This is termed the knowledge and conversation with the HGA.

Then followed a period of forsaking the physical world and neglecting the realities of life. As the discrepancy between normal life and the inner vision became more pronounced there was a fear that I might be going insane. This mental turmoil has been termed the death of the ego. My mind was torn between a longing to surrender myself to the HGA and desperately trying to keep rational and deal with daily living. We might say the fourth step in submission to the HGA is going insane and believing in it and ignoring physical reality.

Total submission is a form of suicide. Things get so bad you don’t care anymore and simply want to dissolve yourself into the light until there is nothing left. There is a tremendous pull toward the light and it becomes everything as you try to extinguish self into nothingness.

There is a feeling of intense relief and love as the light embraces you and you merge for the first time. This has been called “Crossing the Great Abyss”. We might say the fifth step in submission to the HGA is dissolving yourself momentarily into the light and becoming one with the universe.

With practice it gets easier and easier to dissolve our awareness into nothingness and the light. We cross the Great Abyss with greater frequency and ease until one day there is a permanent change and our normal awareness merges with the light in a permanent manner. This is the point where we have integrated our HGA. We exist inside of our HGA and sense it surrounding us as an extension of who we are. We might say the sixth step in submission to the HGA is being absorbed fully by the HGA and a radical shift of awareness termed Cosmic Consciousness.

This is not enough for us and we continue striving for more light. We miss the feeling of being dissolved. It’s not happening anymore. As hard as we try it is not possible to stay dissolved. As soon as Will lets up we find ourselves outside of the Light once more. Our soul can not go any further in that direction.

We can experience momentary union when we strive for it but it is gone as soon as we let up. There is a polarity switch taking place and we can feel our thought processes dropping back down into the mental levels. We are experiencing the “Luciferian Fall” and plunging back toward the earth. One might say the seventh final step in submission to the HGA is this reversal of polarity and plunge back toward the earth.