Continuing the atom metaphor we can think of the human body and soul as a single atom. The physical body is the nucleus and the soul or astral body is the electron cloud or aura that surrounds it.

The nucleus of the atom consists of protons and neutrons while the electron cloud consists of only free electrons. Neutrons are protons and neutrons combined together with a neutral electrical charge. Protons carry a positive electrical charge.

If we apply this metaphor to the physical body we may consider nerve energy as the electrons moving through pathways within the physical body. Cells of the physical organism can be seen as capacitors or batteries that store and discharge energy. They also act to filter and purify energy and transform it into other types of energy.

Modern medicine and modern science deal with the nucleus of the human body and do not recognize the electron cloud, or the soul as it is often called. They focus completely upon the nerve energy within the physical body and not the energy that circulates through the astral cords or magnetic flux lines that surround it.

Using a different metaphor they mistake the physical brain and the firing of nerve synapses for awareness. A computer can imitate intelligence and be interactive. Still it is not the physical computer that is interactive; it is the program and software that is interactive.

What I’m getting at here is that awareness and the ability to interact lies in the software/aura/soul and not in the computer/brain/physical body. The human brain is a transformer of energy and acts like a computer. It is the hardware but not the software.

The software of awareness and human thought lie in the astral planes. Returning to our metaphor of the atom each atom has one or more electrons that circle around it. A new element is created with the addition of an electron proton.

In the physical universe there are 118 elements possible which means the heaviest element has 118 electrons circling the nucleus according to the general field theory of Dewey Larson.

The human soul was once a photon and evolved through the stages of mineral and plant life before it became human. Each human soul is an advanced life form and has 118 bits of awareness or types of awareness.

These 118 bits of awareness are soul fragments and our task is to integrate all 118 soul fragments into one integrated whole. Each fragment or electron has its own awareness and deals with a particular type of energy or element of life. It is a perception or sensory input which interacts with the rest of our world.