Soft News Breakout of DHS Election Sting?

I’ve decided to post this since I feel that it needs to come out into the open and will eventually come out into the open regardless. This is not something that I usually write about so please bear with me.

It appears that the rumor of a DHS election sting might be true and I’ve gathered what Intel that I could find about this soft news breakout and what it means.

Immediately after Trump was elected president in 2016 he established a voter fraud commission which he was forced to disband because certain states would not cooperate with it.

“White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Trump signed an executive order to dismantle the commission “rather than engage in endless legal battles at taxpayer expense.”

She said the Department of Homeland Security has been asked to review the group’s initial findings and “determine [the] next course of action.”

In his declaration, Herndon said “state voter data will not be transferred to or accessed or utilized by” DHS, Politico noted.

Kobach called the disbanding of the commission a “tactical change” and said DHS can still pursue its own probe into election fraud in a quicker manner.”

So what has the DHS been doing all this time? And what has been done to ensure the security of the 2020 election? We find another hint with an executive order that Trump signed that calls on all states to have security measures in their ballots that can be audited.

So theoretically all ballots in all states for this election are in some way able to be audited and tracked.

Now here is where it gets interesting.

BREAKING: Intelligence expert Steve Pieczenik claims 2020 election was a “sophisticated sting operation” that has trapped the Democrats in the most massive criminal election fraud in history… UPDATED

Not surprisingly this video has become quite hard to find on the internet so here are a couple links that should work:

Next I found this website that has a lot more interesting information:

This last website gives information from some other other individuals who have come forward in an “unofficial” way to break open this news of a DHS sting operation. It also shows a link to a video of someone actually looking at their ballot stub with a jewelers loupe and confirming the watermark and coded dots. But this has all been “unofficial” and hotly “debunked” or so they say…

This next is not so easy to debunk or to prove since the average citizen doesn’t have access to it. Apparently on AP Onewire (associated press) there is an entry/clipping from the DHS which has been verified but no news service has touched it or more likely not been able to touch it.

This is from the website that I can’t seem to link to. I highly recommend this site. Following the comments is at least one other person with access to this AP Onewire article confirms that it exists, but doesn’t know any more info about it. It seems that the MSM were informed about the existence of this DHS sting at the same time it was made public on the InfoWars War Room interview. To me this seems like a soft breakout in which the news media are informed that it exists and to be careful what they publish in the future. Having it come out on InfoWars is another way to have a soft breakout of the news of the DHS sting operation.

Now here we have a very interesting video proving votes being manipulated right on public mainstream media during the election night broadcasts. Since this has come out all live news coverage of election night has been removed from the internet according to (If you want to reach this site please only use that configuration or you may not get the latest. His site is being constantly attacked. (This video link appears at the top of the post for some reason.)

I think I have provided enough info to say that it seems very likely that this is a soft news breakout of a DNS sting operation that will spin the heads of many citizens that are not prepared for it. Some final thoughts on this. Trump cannot take legal action until the crimes have been committed and the states called. Only then can the results be challenged and when those results are challenged all hell is going to break loose! Have your popcorn ready!

Circumstantial supporting evidence of this comes from supporters of the “Q” movement in the “Watch the water” comment and other research being actively performed as we speak.

What I find interesting is many New Age Channels have been talking about a massive reveal of corruption of the dark forces within society for years now and that is it happening now or imminent. In any case this next two months should prove to be very interesting as President Trump fights this legal battle to prove that he won the 2020 election. It will go to the Supreme Court.

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