Socialism And A Chicken In Every Pot

As a society we have become obsessed with climbing over the fence rather than going through the garden gate! What I mean is we are trying to cheat the laws of nature and get something for nothing! It just doesn’t work that way. If the amount of energy that was spent trying to find shortcuts to our goals was applied instead to the direct achievement of our goals we would have attained them a long time ago! Nobody wants to do the work anymore but everybody wants a chicken in every pot.

I’ve already spoken about how the modern worker is now demanding fair value for their labor. This is a good thing! It’s about time that tangible physical results were demanded for our labors. I’m a strong believer in the concept of a living wage. I’ve spent most of my life just barely above the poverty level. I’ve never really caught that lucky break that happens to some people. It would be nice, but now near the end of my life I don’t really believe it’s going to happen. I would be satisfied with a fair wage for a fair days work.

I feel excited that this is starting to happen within our society. More and more workers are demanding just and fair wages that will help them rise above the poverty level. To many of us being in the middle class has been an impossible dream.

But I need to confess that even though I sense a slowly growing fairness toward labor there is a growing groundswell of people that don’t even want to work, yet still want all the benefits! They not only want the benefits, they demand the benefits! How is that supposed to make me feel? Just as I’m beginning to get a decent wage for a decent day’s work the person next to me who is completely able to work yet chooses not to is demanding the same benefits and getting them!

Even communism takes the idea of individual labor very seriously. Communism compels a person to work, but then recognizes that work as equal to the work of others. It doesn’t matter what type of work a person does because all types of work are considered valid and necessary. Ideally you can do the type of work that you want, but you have to work! Each person has a right to strive for anything and everything.

Consider how different that is from this rot of socialism that declares free handouts for everyone whether they work for it or not! Socialists believe that society should give us everything that we desire, and that in return we have an obligation to honor and revere it. That we owe everything to its supreme benevolent goodness. This is the same old story of making an external authority the sacred power in our lives that we must turn our personal power over to and serve. It is our social duty to do this! The new society which gives us everything has become our new master, a new supreme being, which takes us into its own service and demands our allegiance!