Sexual charisma and magnetism is something that all of us would like to have more of. No matter how much we have is not enough. We want to be sexually attractive to the opposite sex in general and specifically to our partner.

Sexual energy and sexual magnetism are developed through orgasm. More correctly they are developed through the pleasurable waves that flood the body prior to orgasm. This energy floods the body and escapes into the astral to create an astral body out of this sexual energy.

Like each type of astral energy generated by the physical body, sexual energy is cumulative in nature. The creation of an astral body and development of sexual magnetism requires many orgasms or near orgasms. For the male this involves prolonged sexual tension without orgasm as long as possible. For the female this involves riding the peak of the orgasm and making it last as long as possible. These are both tantric practices for the creation and development of the soul.

Those serious about developing sexual magnetism will generate this energy on a daily basis over long periods of time. Often several years go by before this astral body is fully formed and functional. This is a natural cycle that exists within love relationships in which our souls grow through the experience of sharing loving energies.

There are dangers involved in generating massive amounts of sexual energy. The most important of them is that it will stir up deeply buried and repressed emotional baggage as it circulates throughout the physical body. This will cause emotional releases or outbursts. In more serious cases it may cause psychotic episodes if the repressed emotions are released and take over the body without conscious control.

I personally experienced an episode where I relived every memory of being physically punished as a child. This was followed by two hours of uncontrollable weeping as the repressed energy was released. It was not a pleasant experience but it was a healthy one!