Sensual And Sexual Energy

There are many ways to develop the soul and its powers. It can be done through breathing techniques, meditation, physical activities as well as Tantric practices. But the fastest and most powerful way of developing the soul and its powers is through the exchange of sensual and sexual energies within love relationships. The dynamic energy exchanges of being in love cause parts of our souls to become more complete and this happens naturally and easily. When the spark is gone the transfer of energies is complete.

The more you open your heart and mind to love relationships the stronger your soul becomes! Therefore live richly and don’t fear the death of the physical body. Develop the powers of your soul and experience all that life has to offer without end.

Don’t be afraid of love! Don’t be afraid to live life to its fullest! All things are possible so grasp the infinite possibilities of love within the present moment! Open your heart to others and share your energy. That is the first step. Through personal sharing with many others you will attract special relationships. It sounds crazy, but that’s the way it seems to work. You share from your heart with a wide group of people and after you have shared enough that sharing of energy will eventually draw the the right person to you.