We are trapped by the prison of our own thoughts! We are unable to think outside the box in any meaningful and creative way without the help of outside influence. The world of the mind, of ideas, thoughts, concepts and essences has been used to gain mastery over physical and earthly things by removing us from them. It has been used to help us overcome the limitations of nature, the desires of the flesh. The intent and purpose was so that we could be masters of our physical natures and our emotions and not be controlled by them. It was not intended for us to deny our physical natures and to deny our emotions. It goes without saying that our physical natures and emotions are what enrich our lives and give depth and richness to what would otherwise become a sterile and lifeless living in the head.

It’s time to ask the next question, should the mind with its world of ideas, thoughts, concepts and essences be the tyrant that dominates and subdues the physical body and its passions or should it share dominion? Should the mind dominate our lives as absolute ruler? Or does the body have its own wisdom? Can the emotions and the heart be trusted? Does intelligence lie within the entire body or only within the mind?

It is just as easy for the mind to deceive itself as it is for the emotions to cause us to act in unthinking passion. But the heart has an intelligence of its own which we call conscience. Only the heart and the still small voice of our conscience are worthy to wear the crown. This is the hidden wisdom of all the mystery schools down through the ages, the wisdom and mastery of the human heart and the conscience as the internal authorities that rule our lives wisely and justly.

We intellectualize love and don’t recognize it when it reaches out to touch us because our hearts have been hardened against it. Only the heart has the power to break through the chains of the mind. Only the heart can resolve the riddle of the emotions. It is only the heart that integrates body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Mind isolates itself in smugness believing that it alone has the power and the understanding needed to determine the proper course of action in any given situation. But the entire body, with all its sensory inputs has information to share about our immediate environment, information that is vital to a true and holistic assessment of any given situation. Much of that information is not available to the mind itself unless the mind accepts and recognizes the importance of what the body is trying to convey. Remember that our bodies don’t lie and that communication consists of 95% nonverbal body language. That means we miss 95% of the communication if we only listen to the words that we hear and the thoughts that are expressed.

Often the truth of the situation is much different than what we think it is at first glance. Often things are not what they seem. Something might be legally correct, yet morally corrupt or physically abusive or have hidden consequences that we are not yet aware of. To make the best choices we need to use all of the wisdom contained within our entire bodies and souls! We need to follow the still small voice of conscience that speaks from within our hearts!