Physical Life And The Soul

Today we are going to talk about physical life and the soul. The physical body creates the soul, the Observer self or the ego and it’s actually a byproduct of the invention of reading and writing. It was discovered that this watcher or Observer self exists far beyond the death of the physical body and is immortal. But it was originally created by the physical body and that is why physical life is the most important thing in the universe!

That’s why physical life is so sacred and why Gaia is so sacred now. Once the soul is developed it can exist for thousands of years without a physical body. I’m not going to argue because that does seem to be the case, but it will gradually dissolve and lose awareness until it fades away into nothingness If it is not reunited at some point in time with a new physical body. That is why I have shared that the soul requires a physical body and a million years from now, a billion years from now, the soul is still going to require some form of physical body.

This whole concept that the soul is going to merge back into Source is not what’s meant to happen because life is meant to grow, become more complex and explore all things. It’s not meant to dissolve back into nothing and anyone that has had the mystical experience of merging back with Source can tell you that once you merge back and are embraced with that Source energy it will gently send you back out into the world again.

That’s the truth. So this whole concept of going away and leaving the physical body behind forever is false. The idea is that we bring heaven to earth, not that we go to heaven! I’m also going to admit there are entities or beings that exist within the astral and they may have at one point existed within physical bodies. Either that or they are tasked with holding the fabric of physical reality together and the time will come when they also have to make the choice of living within physical bodies.

They will need to decide if It’s time to come back and experience life in a physical body to renew their soul so that their soul can grow and develop. A lot of spiritual teachings through the ages have said that being in a physical body and experiencing physical life is an important opportunity for rapid soul development. These souls or awareness’s without physical bodies don’t have opportunities for rapid soul growth.

The main way these souls develop is through interaction with people who are all already in physical bodies and then they draw life force energy from those people.

Now I’m going to talk about three types of people. The three types of people I’m going to be describing have already developed souls or are in the process of developing souls for the first time.

I call the first group organic Gnostics or true mystics. They have a physical genetic connection with all of life on Gaia as well as a spiritual connection. They are able to go as high as possible in a physical material way, but also in a nonphysical, mystical and magical way. They are able to integrate their own shadow and higher self aspects and that is what makes them so powerful. That is also what makes them so threatening to the two groups of people that I’m going to talk about next.

These are the rational atheists and the social enforcers. The rational atheists and the social enforcers are space brothers and sisters with pre-existing souls that have incarnated in physical bodies to experience physical life and continue the development of their own souls. But both groups are extremely different and they both lack a spiritual genetic connection to earth. So when they are here in physical bodies. They don’t do so well unless they enlist the help of the true mystics or the organic Gnostics.

There’s a big difference between enlisting the help of the original inhabitants and trying to enslave them! That’s what historically has tried to happen!

The rational atheist group can be extremely intelligent but they believe in hard science. They believe in logic and reason, and there is no spiritual. There is no afterlife. They don’t recognize any paranormal activity at all and back before before the time of Christ, this group was called the Semites. Today these souls can be of any race, creed, religion or nationality. But the nature of their soul still remains the same.

Generally speaking, they do not believe in an afterlife and do not believe in the soul. I’m giving a blanket description of the rational atheists and you can find them in any country and in any nationality of the world. But this is their internal wiring and they come into physical bodies with a strongly developed sense of the group soul.

They tend to be collectivists, and instead of self they think of race. They think of the collective hive mind and the higher good of the whole. You get the picture. I’ve talked about them before.

The social enforcers or the traditionalists are extremely psychic and they can perceive things in the astral but they don’t understand that the astral is mostly made up of ghosts of the past. They can’t creatively fashion a new future so they remain stuck in a repeating loop of history that keeps repeating itself over and over. That’s why they are called traditionalists and history does tend to be circular. Time does try to repeat itself, but it’s never the same. So the social enforcer’s traditionalist view of things is not entirely correct,

As the soul grows and develops it has new requirements. The social enforcers have the idea that life on earth is sinful and unclean and they deny the physical. They deny the physical body. They believe in a life after death and that’s what’s important. They also believe in merging back into Source. They have glorified this to the point where they are willing to destroy life upon earth to go back to God.

That makes this particular group of people perhaps the most dangerous group of all. We see this group of people in the religious fanatics of the world today!

We can share the common goal of making this earth a paradise with the rational atheists, even though they don’t understand the spiritual realities that we experience. They want a beautiful heaven on earth just like we do!

The social enforcers on the other hand, are intent on destroying everything that life has created so that they can leave the physical bodies in which they feel trapped.