Past Life BleedThrough

This story is kind of unfolding in its own way and I’m trying to keep things interesting. I have a couple memories from when I was two years old. One of them was of me sitting on the side board of my grandpa’s pickup during harvest time when lots of people were helping out at the farm.

Something else happened when I was two years old. That’s when we moved to the farm and one day no one could find me. I had wandered off. All the neighbors were called to search for me and my dad found me down by the creek saying, “Going wimmin daddy, going wimmin”!

But I also remember a strangely vivid dream I once had that could only have been from a past life. I was part of a village and we had been attacked. Everyone in the village was being slaughtered and some of us tried to escape by going into the marshes. I hid under the water breathing through a straw and was the only one that survived. It comes to mind when I think of all those people out looking for me when I was two!

Something else that seemed to be a bleed through from past lives was my sister and I playing in the dirt of the driveway. We absolutely loved to draw circles and other shapes in the dirt with sticks and think of them as magick circles or houses and we drew imaginary details inside them like doors, furniture or things like that. Were we casting circles? Was this an influence from past lives?

When I was around ten I had a remarkable sequence of dreams that stays to me to this day. They were all so vivid that they were disturbing. I don’t remember the order but they all happened close together I think. In one there was a long progression or line of people dressed in strange clothing. There were men and women and most seemed dressed like pioneers. Today I think they might have been the long line of my past lives.

A more disturbing dream was of a huge ocean that was filled with dead bodies and I believe they represented all those that died in WWI & WWII and that somehow I had returned in this life to help ensure that WWIII never happened.

But this final dream sequence is even stranger. It was a nightmarish recurring dream that I had about four times before it finally resolved itself. The dream itself was quite simple, but the energies contained within it were frightening. I dreamed that I was in some type of vehicle like a subway train that was long with seats and windows like a bus but with no one in it but myself as the driver. It was coming in from outer space and the front of the train was pushing against a mountain.

There was a loud piercing violent electrical hum and the sensation of an unstoppable force encountering another immovable force. I was trying to move the mountain! It was an impossible situation and neither side would give. I always woke up in terror.

The final dream was the resolution and it seemed that the mountain was starting to give way, but the front of the train was beginning to buckle as well.

Over the years I’ve always thought that I had won, the mountain had finally moved and I associated it with my life’s path and with Gaia’s ascension. In many ways it did represent my life’s path because all my life I have been fighting and struggling against the current.

But recent events in my life have caused me to wonder if maybe the mountain had won, maybe I had been absorbed into it. I say this because I have been absorbed into Gaia and that entire dream sequence is so much like the image of a sperm attempting to penetrate an ovum! Was it a dream of my soul essence trying to penetrate and fertilize Gaia back when I was ten years old?

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