Paganism and Organic Gnosticism at 64

Today is my 64th birthday and the beginning of my advance cycle for the coming year. I didn’t want to start any new projects during my disruptive cycle which is more of a time for completing things. The observance of cycles is only one of the things that I have learned to follow through life experience. There are many types of cycles and I hope to share some of what I know as time permits.

When I woke up this morning I had no intention of starting this project. In fact, it was the furthest thing from my mind. Instead the first thing that I did was to apply for adopting a puppy as a life companion because my dog Luci died last spring at an old age and it has been a rough year. I’m retired and alone and this lock down has been hard.

On a whim I then searched for social platforms for those interested in paganism, Wicca and Druidism. These have been long term interests for many years, but pushed aside by what seemed more urgent interests involving light workers and Gaia’s ascension process. Now I’m back to these Gaia based Organic Gnosticism themes and I’m back with a vengeance! I was not impressed with any of the available sites and decided to move forward with this Medium site which I had largely abandoned. I think that Medium offers my best chance to find like minded souls that are interested in what I have to share. For the first time I have decided to openly become a teacher and share what I know publicly. This is a lifetime of research and experienced based knowledge that I don’t think can be found anywhere else in the world. While spiritual and metaphysical it is also to a large extent based upon objectivism, psychology and the modern multi-dimensional sciences of quantum physics and chaos theory as well as the western mystery school traditions. It involves the development and evolution of the soul and its powers. I am an elder in several traditions and can speak plainly and openly about subjects that are often shrouded in confusion.

I follow a path which I call Organic Gnosticism and it celebrates the importance of all life and the vital life force that all living things share. My spiritual journey began with a religious crisis at the age of fourteen in which I struggled with my conscience for the first time. For most people our conscience becomes active sometime between twelve and fourteen years of age. In this regard I was a late bloomer.

Each one of us has their own spiritual journey, but it always starts with our first encounter with conscience. My own encounters were very life changing and I will share my first here. Perhaps you will each recognize elements of your own encounters with conscience.

I grew up in a strongly religious Christian family that lived in poverty on a 200 acre farm. Twice my father tried to succeed at dairy farming and failed. It was his dream to be a farmer and he worked a second job to then come home and do the farm work. I, of course, always had plenty of chores to do. But I also had plenty of time to play with my sister or play with our dog. And we always had at least one dog.

So I grew up around animals and I loved animals and they loved me. We had a connection, a bond, and I could sense their thoughts, their feelings. We had horses and I had my own horse. In addition we had chickens, rabbits and a few cats in the barn. It was my loving connection with animals and with nature that made my childhood so blessed and happy.

But even before my first encounter with conscience I had a series of repeating dreams that were almost nightmares around the age of 10.

This is turning into an autobiography! I will try to publish several posts a week. I think that as my own story unfolds you will find it quite interesting. I’m going with the flow even though I didn’t intend to write this way.

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