Our Society Wants To Die

Our society encourages reliance on outside help and discourages self-reliance. We are encouraged to remain passive and let others do our thinking and our living for us. Everywhere someone is trying to entertain us and direct our thoughts. We are told there is no need for a will to live. We are told we no longer have instincts, we have outgrown the need for them.

Yet when we try to entertain others, when we feel we have something of importance to share, no one listens or is interested. When we try to do something we are blocked. Our society wants us to remain right where we are in life.

Give us noble spiritual goals and ideals. Tell us how important the next political election is going to be. Saturate our minds with words and ideas until our heads spin. Seduce us into living fantasy lives that have little to do with physical reality. Encourage us to give our personal power away to external authorities.

But at any cost, do not let us actively and physically take steps toward making our world a better place. Don’t tell people they must take baby steps before they can run. Don’t tell people a goal must be small and attainable at first.

Show people great heroes and tell them, “Look, you can do that too!” But forget to tell them hard work is involved. Sell everyone the easy route to success that never works.

Our society does these things and our society is seriously flawed. Our society is falling apart and all we are doing is watching! We are watching because we have been taught to. Our society is trying to die!

This over valuing of the spiritual and mental life prevents us from acquiring mastery of our physical lives.

Yes, our soul is immortal. Yes, the Christ spirit is within us if we will reach out to it and listen to the still small voice of our conscience. No, the spiritual life and mental life are not more important than the physical and emotional life.