Life is organic! Organic life includes everything that human awareness is capable of experiencing and sensing that has its own life and its own awareness in return. This entire spectrum of living energies can not only be personally experienced, it can also be shared! This sharing of organic reality is one of the highest experiences that we can have as humans!

That is because life is connected to life! All living things are connected to all other living things. There is an energy that flows between all living things and on some level we have an awareness of that energy exchange. This is true in sexual and love relationships, but it is also true with other living things as well. We can sense the energy of trees, pets, flowers and other animals.

We can also sense our connection to other people whether we desire that connection or not. Other people exist within our world and we exist in theirs.

Inorganic things like rocks, sand, water and the elements share chemical connections with us and these connections are just as vital as the organic connections that we share with other lifeforms. Science recognizes these chemical connections but it doesn’t yet recognize the organic connections that we share with all living things. When it does our entire world will be transformed!

The foundational basis of magic and spirituality depend upon this flow of organic life force energy. It draws living beings together and pushes them apart from each other. Organic life force energy is a higher octave of the elemental chemical energies and can affect them as well. Organic life force energy can penetrate and possess inorganic things but organic things can’t possess organic things.