Organic Gnosticism And Sexuality

Females have a natural ability to develop this black etheric body. The only serious problem is avoiding pregnancy and predatory attacks as their power of sexual attraction becomes greater. This is why so many women have always been considered evil, satanic and witches. This is why the early church fathers had such a difficult time with them and feared them.

For the male to develop this black etheric body much more was required since it is not as natural a thing for the male to achieve as it is for the female. That is because of energy loss due to sperm loss. Tantric sex and the ability to prevent sperm loss are the key to the rapid development of this non-physical astral body and this teaching was developed for males, not for females.

So avoiding pregnancy and sperm loss were and still remain the main factors in the development of this black etheric body. In the past this resulted in the deviant sexual practices that many occultists are accused of perpetrating and in the revulsion of those activities even though there is no revulsion or debauchery in sexual activity itself.

In point of fact, normal and healthy sexuality over a life time can cause the development and activation of this black non-physical body in anyone in the world, primitive savage or urban professional. Our world and modern society are so twisted in unnatural sexuality that normal sexuality is not understood properly.

The Organic Gnosticism of pre-war Germany was the first glimpse at what might have become normal sexuality with the common development of this black etheric body and the development of its magical abilities within the general public.

Psychologists Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and Wilhelm Reich correctly understood that sexual energy lies at the base of neurotic and emotional problems and that allowing a more natural expression of human sexuality would produce a more healthy human society. (and a more magical society)

Organic Gnosticism had its roots in the natural pagan religions that openly practiced sexuality (tantric sexuality for the men) and produced occult phenomenon of various types. This entire subject could be simplified with the phrase Make love, Not war! But things are not so simple. There are many more energies other than black sexual energy.

I’ve attempted to show the existence of a Black Energy that exists at non-physical levels and is the basis of real magical and occult practices. This energy lies beneath fear energy and is beautiful in its own right and very powerful. It is also clean and pure. Sexuality is a natural function and expression that is not fully recognized in modern society.

Before I can continue with the presentation of Organic Gnosticism in Pre-war Germany these other energies must be clarified and explained in order to show the full horror of what has been done in our past and persists into our present.