Organic Gnosticism And Satanism

Now the permanent development and activation of the black sexual energy body requires only the generation of massive amounts of sexual energy on a daily basis over a long period of time. When this is activated one is able to do magic in a completely natural way without ritual, spells or anything at all. It is done through dreams and astral work or simple shaman type energy work.

Working with blood magic or warrior magic or fear magic involves the intense stressing of the physical body almost to the point of death, through violence and drug induced intoxication where the soul or awareness is driven out of the body. Sadly this is what magic has become or thought to be for most people.

In the common understanding of magic these two energies are often blended and confused. In order to become magical or to do magic it is thought that blood and sacrifice are needed. This is the tragedy of modern history. The natural function of love is replaced with the horror of violence and death.

Gnostic Christianity kept secret the mysteries of true sex magic, of the black non-physical body and its powers. Women were especially adept at this and feared as witches. The generation of this energy produced fearful demons, incubi and succubae that took one’s life force through vampirism and other demonic means. This Black Energy stirred up fear in those that did not understand.

The Catholic Church in particular hated and feared women because of this natural energy and power which so many women had and sought to subject them through violence. Alchemists experimented with tantric sex and discovered ways of developing this black etheric body and gained the ability to do magic. They wrote about these subjective experiences in cryptic ways. In this way the ancient alchemists were organic Gnostics.

The knowledge of the alchemists was symbolically unified in the teachings of the Rosicrucians with the golden cross and the rose at its center signifying the balance of male and female, the alchemical wedding of the Higher Self and the lower human Shadow merged in unity as the human ego. In Germany the Imperator of the Rosicrucian movement was Martin Luther, originator of the protestant revolution. Of course this was considered Satanic by the Catholic Church. According to H. Spencer Lewis in high level AMORC monographs, freemasonry was a social experiment originated among high level Rosicrucians.

Rosicrucian activity coalesced around Papus in France and organic gnosticism and German satanism coalesced around Przybyszeski in Berlin/Munich. Przybyszeski compiled the information in Synagogue of Satan and out of that information emerged something entirely new, German Satanism. This movement believed in the development of the soul and its powers through healthy sexuality and intoxication caused by drug and alcohol use. It was also inspired by the ego centric and individualistic anarchy of Max Stirner, modern psychology and a belief in women’s rights and the needed balance of male and female energies.

Ewer’s took this movement and enlarged it through his lectures on The Religion of Satan. Concepts such as open sexuality, women’s rights, democratic-anti-monarchy ideals, anti-Church views, pro-science and self-empowerment of individuals pervaded other German literature through such outlets as the weekly magazine “Simplicissimus” and noted authors including Richard Dehmel.

It is quite likely that Ewers shared his Religion of Satan concepts with Alistair Crowley while they were both living in New York in 1917 as they both frequented Ernst (Putzi) Hanfstaengl’s Art House on 5th Avenue and worked for the same publisher, George Sylvester Viereck.At the time Ewers had been giving his Religion of Satan lectures for over seven years and was an authority on the Dark Current and tantric sexuality. Crowley had been involved in Golden Dawn material and was just getting interested in the sex magic teachings of the OTO.

The organic gnosticism movement was simple and free of much distortion. After the First World War the loss of idealism turned this movement into a decadent movement with even more sexuality and debauchery. It was this black sexual energy, now a dirty brown mixed with the Red and Orange Energies, which clung to Nazi Germany and continues to convince people of the occultism of Nazi Germany. All of these lower energies were very strong in post war Germany.

The pure Black of sexual energy has been constantly confused and mixed with the Red Energy of the warrior and the Orange decadent energy of debauchery.

In modern days magical power is thought to be achieved through a myriad confusion of ritualized practices. Simple healthy human sexuality is not one of them. Sexuality has become a thing to be feared and shunned, both within and without. It has become Satanic.