Organic Gnosticism And Biological Wisdom

We are all seeking prosperity, pleasure and happiness in our own ways. We seek these things biologically through our physical bodies, through our physical actions, through our emotions, through our thoughts and communications with others, through our hearts and love relationships, through the joy of learning new things and experiencing the richness of what life has to offer at all levels of experience.

We have souls, we have an ego with self-esteem and we have creative conscious awareness. All aspects of who we are have their own individual needs to be fulfilled to lead in order to lead a rich, healthy and abundant life. The worst thing that we can do is feel obligated to fulfill someone else’s expectations and live up to somebody else’s standards. It’s hard enough for us to do these things for ourselves.

It’s time for people to understand that being honest and true to yourself and your own inner needs allows you to share more abundantly with others. When you deny who you are and what you need you deny others those things as well and that is what really sucks about our world today!

Healthy human nature is kind, loving and supportive. Our problem is that too many people are hurt and injured. Hurt and injured people harm others even when they don’t want to because they lack the understanding and life experience of living any other way. We all have our own survival techniques that get us through life and most of us have inherited those techniques from our families. I might also add most of those survival techniques are extremely dysfunctional! We know some healthy behaviors and it’s time to learn more of them. It’s also time to say no to dysfunction in all its forms. There is no such thing as a good pain or a good hurt!

We live in two worlds, the physical world with its limitations and opportunities and we also live in a nonphysical world of emotions, thoughts, perceptions, beliefs and energies. To deny the spiritual worlds is just as bad as living in a fantasy world. This needs to be said. We need to live in both and be powerful in both.

What do we need to be empowered in this life? We need perception, self-esteem and life experience. By perception I’m talking about direct perception, the ability to perceive the reality of the present moment and the infinite opportunities within the present moment. By self-esteem I mean the importance of having a strong sense of self, a strong ego, a strong soul or Observer self. By life experience I mean how we gain competency in life by actually doing things and experiencing things. These life experiences can be physical, sexual, emotional, intellectual, or even spiritual. The point is we grow by experiencing things on all levels! To deny levels of existence is to deny part of what life has to offer.