Only If We Are Free

Joe Bandel
4 min readNov 18, 2017


The concept of live and let live is a subtle erosion of our personal freedom. It does this through passiveness and through the withdrawal and isolation it encourages. If we make an important discovery, develop an important product or have a talent we wish to share with others we must project ourselves outward into the rest of humanity and let our voice be heard.

This is not live and let live! This is actual impingement into the private lives of others. This is having the effrontery to dare to contribute something of value to the human race. This is caring enough to try making a difference in human affairs. This is the opposite of live and let live and it is vital if humanity is to progress.

Support each other in the fulfillment of our individual needs. Each path is difficult. Finding our true path is often the hardest thing we have to do in life. Often we learn through the process of trial and error and from our failures in life. We need to be allowed the freedom to experience our own failures as well as our victories. We must be allowed to do the wrong things or attempt to do the wrong things and be smashed down in consequence. We must be allowed to smash those who would harm us or our loved ones.

We must be allowed to assert our desires and our beliefs so that others can interact with us in appropriate ways. We must allow others the right to assert their desires and beliefs so we can interact with them in appropriate ways.

Each person must be allowed the freedom to go after what he or she wants in life. We must be allowed to compete against others in open competition. We must each know we have the right to change our world for better or for worse through the choices and actions we choose. We must each know that we will kill if needed to protect those persons, ideals and things we love.

In the open acknowledgment of this we will grant each other respect and tolerance and if the time comes when we must fight we will fight as brothers or sisters. When we die it will be with honor and dignity knowing that our voice has been heard and that we have made a difference. We will know we have given our best and we have died free.

The great enemy of freedom is external authority. Freedom comes from within us. External authority is any person or thing that we surrender our own power to, anything outside ourselves which we submit to.

We each have the sacred right to live according to the voice of our conscious and the Christ Spirit that dwells within each human heart and not according to an external authority.

There is a major force in our lives which always attempts to control our lives and destiny. This is the main external authority in our lives.

This force is our social obligation which we must pay simply by being part of humanity. This force is known as the will of the collective and is an external authority. We must force a compromise with this tyrant that is a win-win situation. This force is not in our best interests. We must never allow ourselves to believe that the collective will of humanity is in our own personal best interest. It’s only purpose is the best interests of humanity as a whole and it will always sacrifice individuals for the greater good of the whole if it is allowed to do so.

In a form of paradox we contribute the most to the advancement of the human race by being individuals to the greatest of our ability. When we follow our inner authority, the master within, or the still small voice of our conscience, humanity can advance. When we demand to be free the human race becomes free as well.

When we demand obedience to the collective everyone is enslaved. We become sacrifices for the good of the people. The collective will of humanity is an enemy to personal freedom and it always will be. It is stronger than the individual and always will be. We can resist the collective will with all our strength and the best we can hope for is a win-win situation.

By resisting the collective we can force a win-win situation and force the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth and development of the entire human race. This is the appropriate goal of the master. In this manner the human race evolves into new stages of awareness

It is in the fighting of a battle that we know we can’t win when we truly become masters in life.

We become masters when we make a difference in the world. Our lives and our efforts can count toward the advancement of humanity in the advancement of all life upon earth. It can only do this if we are free!