Old Mankind And New Mankind

Humanity evolves in stages and if we try we can recognize those stages. Humanity is currently on the cusp of a brand-new stage of existence, but how did we get here? What did our ancestors do to bring humanity to this point? The first group of ancestors that I’m going to be talking about invented reading and writing as well as logic and reason. For simplicity I’m going to call this group of people rational atheists. They still enjoy a prominent place in today’s world. But they have become antiquated and are in the process of being replaced. In a few minutes we will see how they have been replaced and by who. Then later we will see how that group of people is also now being replaced by a new humanity that is just now being born.

I will call the second group of people, the ones that have replaced the rational atheists, social enforcers because their greatest desire has been to enforce their own social and spiritual values upon the entire world whether the world wanted it or not!

For the rational atheists our physical world is truth. The physical life that we live and the families that we belong to are the things in life that matter the most. The social enforcers believe in the truth of the spirit! They believe in the vanity and transitory nature of the world. They believe in the eternal and unshakable truth of spirit and the immortal life of the soul.

So the very thing which the rational atheists consider the most sacred, the physical world and family relationships, is spurned by the social enforcers and considered valueless. The social enforcer does not live in this world, but above it!

From this we can see that each side perceives a truth that is opposite to that held by the other. One side holds the natural physical world to be true, while the other holds the imaginative spiritual and heavenly worlds to be true.

It was the rational atheists themselves that turned their own truth into a lie through the creation of reading and writing and sophistry or intellectual debate. In Greece a new generation of philosophers called the Sophists began to use debate with logic and reason to diffuse the rationalistic doctrine. They used mind as a weapon, as a means of trickery and defiance to overpower the rational atheists and the power of physical reality.

Socrates fought back! He said that you needed to listen to your heart as well as your mind. It was not enough to follow the path of the mind. One had to follow the path of the heart as well. He made it clear that logic and reason could be used through sophistry to rationalize and justify anything. This began a second era of Greek philosophy, a period of liberation of the heart. But the heart remained worldly minded and crude. The mind was much more powerful!

A new war began, to become master of the heart. Socrates began the examination the heart, but the skeptics finished it. The sophistic culture made the mind so powerful that nothing could stand against it and the heart of the skeptic was no longer moved by anything. As long as man was entangled in physical reality, as long as his heart had to struggle to be free from worldly passions, his spirit was not free. Because spirit does not have a body and is not of this world. This world does not exist for the spirit and no bonds or temptations exist for it either, except for the spiritual world and spiritual bonds.

And this is what the invention of reading and writing led to, that human awareness could know itself as an immortal nonphysical soul. As an awareness without a body, with no ties to the physical world. And the only thing it cared about was spiritual things, the spiritual worlds and the soul. The worldly and natural no longer had any control or domination over it.

And the rational atheists came close to the spiritual and tried to become spiritual but they couldn’t. They remained trapped in the mind, trapped within logic and reason and trapped within the spirit of the physical world, the only world that they could know!

But a new generation of humanity became spirit, and sought the spirit, and recognized only spiritual things. So the non-spirituality of the rational atheists set them apart from the social enforcers forever. Because the wisdom and insight of the rational atheists lies as far from the soul and the spirit world as the distance between heaven and earth. And so it remains today.