OAK Tarot Of Love And Romance Two Of Wands

Two of Wands

Symbol- Boy encounters angel of death.
Meaning- movement

This is the first exchange of energy between the male and the female as they are drawn toward each other. We feel shy, modest and vulnerable in our first encounters with the opposite sex. We are drawn toward the opposite sex but we don’t know if we can trust. We don’t want to be hurt.

Male and female energy is generated and stored within our physical bodies. It disperses itself through the body via the nervous system and circulatory system. As this energy moves throughout the body it becomes bio-electrical energy, nerve energy, sexual energy, emotional energy, mental energy, and spiritual energy.

In our encounters with the opposite sex Spiritual energy is the most volatile and the first type of energy to be exchanged. This exchange of energy can be done simply by being in the same room as the other person. We feel this energy transfer as an attraction. It is an energy exchange and there is an energy flow that is noticeable.

Our physical bodies are capacitive in nature and will store a charge of male or female energy in the same way a battery will store a positive or negative charge. We store the energy that flows to us or the other person gets our energy and stores it.

During sleep this “captured” energy is blended with our own and released from the physical body through dreams. Collectively we call this combined sex energy “Astral” energy.

Astral energy is a perfect mix of male and female energy blended together. It remains connected to our physical bodies and a connection remains to the person we have exchanged energy with. This blended energy is controllable and gives us a sense of being more complete. We are drawn to this person because their energy makes us feel more complete.
Even though both sexes exchange energy and store it within their physical bodies there are major differences in how this actually happens. The male uses this blended energy to create and strengthen “self” or his non physical body. The female uses this blended energy to create a rich “astral” environment. The astral environment is our dreaming environment.

Male experience:

He instinctively recognizes her taking his energy as emptiness and death to him. If all of his energy went to her it would mean death of awareness as he knows it. He feels himself being drawn into her and part of him fears this. At the same time part of him longs for this.

In this first experience his energy flows to her and hers does not flow to him. He gives her energy even though he fears what it might do to him. For the first time he confronts the power of raw sexuality, both his and hers. She is and always will be the angel of death to him as she takes his energy. This is part of her “Goddess” power.

As he gives her energy he realizes “outer” and “inner” realities are intimately connected. His dreams become vivid and he feels emotions that are not familiar or pleasant. His rational outlook falters and he is uncertain where he stands.
He confronts his own feelings of guilt and unworthiness. He is brought face to face with his worst fears and demons. The pits of hell open before him.

Female experience:

She gives all she has to others without thought of self or personal gain. She experiences selfless giving and aspires to spiritual goals. She is the completion and end of all things. She is emptiness. Nature is bountiful and there is enough for everyone. Everything has its place and all is good. While he is thinking of her she is thinking of everyone else.

She is receiving energy from him and in control. She enjoys his attention. She should be aware that in male-female relationships the energy transfer will at some point change and she will loose energy to him. One day she will be at a male’s mercy. She will then give to him as she has received. The balance must be fulfilled.