OAK Tarot Of Love And Romance Two Of Swords

Two of Swords

symbol-He looks in the mirror. She becomes a groupie.

Meaning- movement

Social dating is magical for him. As his mental energy combines with her mental energy the world seems to transform around him. They act as catalysts for each other and the entire world opens before them.

He becomes the philosopher’s stone transmuting all he contacts. He has self control at all levels. He can do as he pleases as long as he lets her do as she pleases too. His mind is filled with the things he is going to do for her.

The entire world opens before him in a way it never did before. His awareness alters and he sees the world from a mental perspective that is more objective. He is more realistic about things and understands what must be done if he wants to achieve his goals and dreams in life.

He understands she is responsible for his change in perspective. He feels she somehow brings out the best in him. He wants more of her energy. He wants as much as he can absorb.

Unfortunately he can only absorb an amount equal to the amount of mental energy he generates. He is limited in how much spiritual/light he can transmute into mental energy. He is not used to doing this and the proper energy channels have not yet been developed.

His personal belief system is not yet developed and he borrows from that of society. He tries to modify society’s rules and expectations to fit his own. In other words, he tries to be what society wants him to be and not whom he wants to be. He conforms to societies wishes and to her wishes.

As she dates him she gets to know the person he really is and senses the lack of originality he presents. She can tell he is not being true to his own inner nature. This makes him boring to her. She is more interested in males that stand out from the crowd and are more original. She is drawn to those with strong personalities and egos.

She has an excess of energy and it is exciting for her to be daring and date those that stand out from the crowd. She wants him to stand out from the crowd. By making him feel important she makes herself feel important too. She is actively feeding his inflated image of himself. He willingly takes her energy and adoration and at first this makes her feel good too. She tries to get him to take more risks and become more adventurous.

This is very exciting for him and soon he is moving in circles that he never did before. He is more popular and interesting. He takes her energy for granted. After all, he is now very popular with the girls and others are after him too. He decides to stop seeing her. She is his first conquest.

His rejection is very hard for her to accept. She has done and given so much. She has sacrificed her love and mental energy to him and he has rejected her. Life has become a grim and deathless task. She feels she has been used and has heavy feelings of guilt and unworthiness. He was her first love and he betrayed her.

She was open with him and serious about the relationship for the first time in her life. Other males had convinced her that she was desirable and sexy. Now all that old confidence was gone and she was confronting all of her secret fears and shames. This is an important time of self realization. He did not want to be around her any more.

She must realize that in spite of her personal flaws and handicaps she is still a desirable and sexy female. He has a grossly inflated ego and is a very shallow person.

Male experience:

When he is dating her, he sees the world in an entirely new and exciting way. Her energy transforms his life and his concept of self and self-worth begins to develop.

It is difficult for him to generate enough mental energy to develop a complete concept of self. Instead he adopts a stereotyped “role” that he plays instead.

If the role he adopts is unusual he will stand out from his peers and attract more than his share of attention, good or bad. This attention will draw more female energy toward him and help in the process of ego development.

Female experience:

As she dates she becomes bored with the average male and is drawn toward those that seem more exciting to her. She is attracted to individuals that stand out from the crowd and gives them her energy.

Her attention may be positive or it may be negative. She may tease and ridicule someone cruelly or she may fall in love with someone and want to be with them all the time.

In the end she becomes one of many that give away energy to that particular individual. He becomes personally indifferent to her and this is very hard on her ego. He will seem to have more of a sense of self than she does. She feels that somehow she has lost and he has won.