OAK Tarot Of Love And Romance Three Of Wands

Three of Wands

Symbol- male forming life for them both out of ocean water.

She is the ocean.
Meaning- attraction

The sparks really fly between the sexes at this stage and everyone is very unexperienced with sharing this energy and excitement. Puppy love always is greater than real life and we are always afraid it is too good to be true. There is a lot of anxiety knowing that the relationship is build upon sparks and not upon solid realistic sharing.

Each feels unworthy and acutely aware of their own short comings. The male is forced to work through these feelings and confront them completely. He is the first to learn humility.

In relationships the first energy to be exchanged is volatile spiritual energy. This energy is the most abstract and idealistic. Here the male and female share deeply held religious beliefs and their visions of the perfect life, the perfect partner, …ect. This is puppy love at its most extreme. There is static electricity everywhere when these two get together.

His energy merges with her energy to form astral constructs of these idealizations. In effect, he shares his most secret dreams and beliefs with her and she understands him perfectly. This exchange is very powerful because the mutual understanding is so intense.

This harmony can’t last because as a male he has an unlimited supply of this spiritual/abstract energy. This is because his primary source of energy is light and the sun. Her supply is limited to the amount she was given at birth and stores in her body. This is because her primary source of energy is the earth. At some point she will run out of spiritual energy and rather than transform her sexual energy into spiritual energy, she will loose interest in long abstract discussions. He will wear her out and bore her with endless talk about dreams and fantasies.

He must transform his abstract/spiritual energy into mental energy. He must seriously think about how to achieve his idealistic goals and dreams in the real world. Otherwise he is nothing but talk.

Male experience:

He shares his dreams and aspirations with her and she understands him! This is an incredible experience and he is likely to think they were meant for each other because this mutual understanding is so intense.

His thoughts and dreams take on a form and clarity never before experienced. He is preoccupied with dreams of creating the perfect life for them both. He is rigid, inflexible and very idealistic. He doesn’t care what she wants. He thinks he knows what she wants. Their combined energy acts to clarify his thinking and make his dreams very vivid.

Female experience:

She has an immediate grasp of what he is trying to share. She understands but gets bored hearing the same thing over and over again. Especially if he doesn’t act upon his ideas.

She understands so perfectly she feels she will never again have to think about those issues. Her thought is now we agree upon the ideal life, lets do it. Don’t contemplate, actuate. But he is not ready.

Its hard for her to understand that he is stuck while she is ready to move on.