OAK Tarot Of Love And Romance Three Of Swords

Three of Swords

symbol– He is on his knees pleading to her. She is dancing with someone else

Meaning- attraction

The seed begins to swell and expand and the internal pressure builds to intolerable levels. The seed threatens to burst in its agony. This is a burning to ashes of all that is impure. The initiate is consumed in the fire of passion that is burning away all of the dross and leaving only the true self.

She has given him as much of her excess mental energy as he is able to absorb. He is saturated with her energy and is using it to develop his ego and sense of self.

She is also developing her ego and sense of self by actively giving up her energy and combining it with his. As in all male-female energy exchanges at first she is active in the creative process.

In fact she dominates the energy exchange by having an excess of readily available energy. She absorbs his mental energy into her physical body and at night she deposits the combined astral energy into the mental levels of the astral planes.

In the astral she creates her mental image of herself and her sense of self. She also creates the mental image or stereotyped role that he is seen as by others.

He has little control over how others perceive him at this point. When she is satisfied with the image of herself that she has created, she gives him the excess energy to store in his body.

As he receives this mental energy he uses it to create an ego and sense of self that is uniquely his. He wants to discover who he really is. As he develops his ego and sense of self he is able to generate more mental energy and to absorb more female energy. He is not satisfied with the way that others perceive him.

He is building energy channels for this type of energy within his body and his personality becomes more powerful. This energy is denser than the abstract/spiritual energy he has already mastered. This energy becomes trapped in his physical body as mental head energy or pure ego.

When she gets bored with him and wants to date others that are more exciting it is very hard on his ego. He knows he is not perfect but neither is she. He is willing to overlook her faults if she will overlook his.

She is not interested because they are no longer interested in the same things. She has already formed her ego and sense of self just the way she wants it. She is confident and sure of herself. She wants out. She feels trapped in the relationship.

She wants to go out with someone more popular. Someone that will raise her social status. Her ego is dependent upon the social popularity of whom she is dating. If she can date a real hunk it would boost her ego tremendously.

When she tries to break up with him it is really traumatic. He won’t let her end the relationship. His ego is dependent upon keeping it. Her ego is dependent on ending the relationship. They quarrel bitterly. He doesn’t win or get his way. He can’t force her to stay in a relationship she doesn’t want. All his efforts to keep her end in a vicious circle where she doesn’t want anything to do with him.

Male experience:

He knows he is not perfect but he is still worth having. When she tries to end the relationship he resists and won’t let her. He needs her. He can’t understand why she would want to leave him. He is just beginning to feel good about himself.

In the end he must let her go. No one can hold another in a relationship they don’t want to be in. He has to let her go no matter how much he needs her.

Female experience:

At first she was happy with him but as she gained confidence and became more sure of herself she realized she could do better than him. She was good enough and attractive enough to get a real hunk! She feels trapped in her current relationship and wants out.

In the end she must leave him and go after the popular male competing with other females for his attentions. Win or loose it is important she goes after whom she truly wants. She must feel that she does deserve the best in life.