OAK Tarot Of Love And Romance Six Of Swords

Six of Swords

symbol– He travels astrally to her in dreams and takes her energy. She uses her body and sexuality to get what she wants from others.

Meaning- exploitation

By this time he has a fully developed ego and personality. He has a strong sense of who he is. The pure mental energy he has received from her combined with his own form a permanent aura.

He has learned how to control this astral energy and project it outside his body at will. This is not astral projection but mind projection. His awareness of the world is growing rapidly. He wants to understand more so he can achieve his goals in life.

His awareness can only grow by combining his energy with female energy to create controllable astral energy. He needs more female energy and is limited in whom he can get it from. He can get this energy from a female that has given him mental energy in the past. This earlier exchange of energy normally comes from someone he has dated or had a relationship with in the past.

It is possible he will have an astral encounter with someone he has never met before but this is rare. He is able to travel to her in dreams and take mental energy away from her. He dreams of her and gets energy from this dreaming.

She is helpless to prevent this. She has no ready supply of mental energy available. These unwelcome dreams are a form of psychic attack and draw very emotional responses from her as she is forced to transmute sexual and emotional energy into mental energy to replace energy he has taken.

She must replace this mental energy if she wants to keep her sanity. Otherwise she would be completely ruled by her emotions. It is not easy for her to transmute sexual energy into mental energy unless she is forced to do it.

Later she will be able to do this easily and protect herself from these attacks but she can’t do this yet. For now emotions and sexual repressions she has long blocked are preventing her sexual energies from being transmuted. These repressed areas must be brought to awareness and he is helping her in this by his visits. There is much she can learn about herself from her nightmares and bad dreams.

Male experience:

His ego and sense of self are well developed and he is able to mentally project his awareness outside his body. For example, he is able to read a book and be so caught up in it that he has no awareness of what is going on around him.
Her energy helps to strengthen this ability and he travels to her in dreams and forcibly takes mental energy from her. His personality and ego are growing stronger all of the time.

Female experience:

He comes to her at night in threatening and frightening dreams. As he takes energy from her she feels repressed fears and anxieties trying to surface. These fears and anxieties must surface before she can transmute sexual energy into mental energy to replace the energy he has forcibly taken from her.

This is a time of emotional turmoil for her and she may fear physical abuse from those she has earlier rejected. She looses the ability to be objective about things and begins to react emotionally to things instead.