OAK Tarot Of Love And Romance Seven Of Wands

Seven of Wands

symbol- He is in love with her

She is not in love with him

Meaning- Loss of innocence

He is convinced he is in love with her and she is his soulmate. No one else understands him as she understands him. All his time is caught up in daydreams about her. He could not imagine life without her and can’t understand her rejection of him. This does not seem like puppy love to him even though it is.

Things get so bad between them that they break up. He takes breaking up very hard and lives in a formless darkness. There is no desire or lust for life without her. He is detached from his surroundings and even from himself exploring the dark areas of his soul. He accepts her rejection because he knows he is unworthy of her. She is and always will be a Goddess to him.

If he could find out what is so bad maybe he could correct it and win back her love. This inward effort plunges him into confrontation with his own personal demons and weaknesses. It is an important time for learning who and what he really is. In time he learns to accept his own shortcomings and personal limitations.

After dating several different males she discovers it is not as fun as it used to be. Her excess spiritual energy is almost gone and things are not the same. She realizes the males she dates are all pretty nice people and she is hurting them by taking them so lightly. They all want the relationship to become more serious. She just wants to have a good time.

No matter how careful she chose her dates they eventually spoil it by wanting a serious relationship with her. It becomes harder to get out of relationships once she gets into them. There is no more innocence as she experiences the darker side of the male’s frustration. They begin to pressure her into staying in relationships with them.

She feels both sorrow and apprehension in a hostile and threatening world. He won’t leave her alone! She can’t get rid of him! She never meant to hurt him or anyone else.

Male experience:

He takes her rejection very hard. He thinks he is loosing his soulmate and will do anything to prevent that from happening. He hopes to convince her to change her mind and accept him again. When this fails he turns inside himself to discover what went wrong and to find out what makes him unlovable. He explores and confronts his personal fears and comes to terms with them.

Female experience:

She doesn’t want to hurt him but he is a real bore, so serious all the time and wanting to get more deeply involved. That is the last thing that she wants. All she wants to do is have fun and enjoy life. There is plenty of time later for a serious relationship. She dates others but they are all the same, they all want more than just to have a good time. It gets harder to say “no” and she can’t get rid of them as easily as she once could.