OAK Tarot Of Love And Romance Seven Of Swords

Seven of Swords

symbol– He is a wimp. She is a shrew

Meaning- Loss of innocence

As his personality and sense of self become more developed his behavior changes. Instead of acting out social roles like the football star, the cowboy, the rebel, or even the nerd, he begins to act as himself.

Just being himself is very gratifying and he isn’t trying to prove anything to anyone. People can take him or leave him just as he is. He has found a source of inner strength within that no one can take from him.

He doesn’t really stand out from the crowd anymore. In fact, he kind of blends into the background most of the time. If circumstances demand he will take command in an emergency but he prefers to let others have the spotlight. He feels no need to be the life of the party anymore or the center of attention.

She doesn’t understand or even recognize his newfound inner strength. All she knows is that he isn’t the big man and center of attention he used to be. He has become a wimp in her eyes and she despises what she sees as weakness in him.

She is ruled by her emotions at this point but beginning to transmute sexual energy into mental energy. She is beginning to realize she has been used and discarded.

This awareness brings resentments and she is quick to voice her accusations. She becomes a real shrew. She is developing a bad attitude toward men and they are beginning to avoid her. They would much rather be with more sweet tempered females. This avoidance makes her even angrier. She wants to have fun but no one can stand to be around her much less to date her.

She fights to retain her place in the limelight. She attacks those that are now the popular ones and tries to undermine their popularity. This is a loosing battle because people would rather be around positive individuals than be around negative individuals and she has become quite negative.

Male experience:

He has found a source of inner strength and sense of self. He doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone any more and blends into the background. He wants to find his true path in life and start his life’s work. He is ready to get on with life and leave childish games behind.

He quietly and without fan fare begins working to achieve his goals in life regardless of what others think or say. He is committing himself to a major course of action.

Female experience:

She wants to enjoy the limelight and be the center of attention but that is behind her now. The popular dream date has dumped her for someone else. Where she used to take men away from other girls, now they take her men away from her.

The popular guys are not interested in her anymore. They think she is turning into a shrew and not fun to be around. She is beginning to develop a bad attitude toward men. She thinks they are all wimps because they can’t stand up to the force of her personality.