OAK Tarot Of Love And Romance Queen Of Wands

The Queen of Wands is related to other cards in the Tarot. She contains the essential elements of THE MAGICIAN, THE HIEROPHANT, STRENGTH, THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE, and JUSTICE.

The Queen is related to the ACE of Wands, ACE of SWORDS, TWO of Wands, TWO of SWORDS, THREE of Wands, and THREE of SWORDS. Her Element is Fire. She controls the magnetic forces of attraction and repulsion. She has the ability to withstand great conflict and stand firm in her convictions. She has a very spiritual tolerance of others and of life’s difficulties. You will like her or you will hate her. There is no middle ground for the Queen of Wands. You probably know someone like her.

This lady has a strong connection to plant and animal life. She gets illuminations while working in the garden or with her many pets. A natural healer, she is able to listen and give wise counsel. Talking with her helps others to sort things that are emotionally painful and gain objectivity. She does this through the ability to distance herself from emotional pain. She can rise above the raw passions and emotions and not be pulled under by them.

She has strong bones and teeth and will rarely need to see the dentist. An eternal student, she is constantly getting rid of old outmoded ideas and replacing them with newer more successful ideas and beliefs. She can easily change her mind and learn from her mistakes letting old behaviors and experiences fall away. Her mind is filled with happy colorful ideas and thoughts and she brings energy into the room when she enters.

In love she is all or nothing and has the tendency of becoming obsessed with her partner and forgetting about other things. In love and romance the sparks really fly.