OAK Tarot Of Love And Romance Princess Of Swords

Princess Of Swords

The Princess of Swords is related to other cards in the Tarot. She contains the essential elements of the Tarot Trump cards JUSTICE, DEATH, THE DEVIL, TEMPERANCE, and THE TOWER.

The Princess is also related to the THREE of SWORDS, THREE of PENTACLES, FOUR of SWORDS, FOUR of PENTACLES, FIVE of SWORDS, and FIVE of PENTACLES.

Her Element is AIR and mental energies.

She is self-reliant and depends only upon her self for the things she needs in life. She has a terrible temper and is not liked by the general public. Society is against her and she has “crashed and burned” many times. In spite of this opposition she is very tough and her troubles and problems seems to “roll off” and not “stick” to her in a negative way. Because of this no problems really seem to bother her and she is indifferent to them. She is a survivor.

She has risen above all of her past negative experiences through some form of personal growth and therapy. She feels good about becoming more healthy even though it is sometimes painful to give up old destructive behavior patterns. Her life is bitter-sweet.

She is a hard worker and is found in the food services or in public places where her ability to do what is needed is valued by others. They count on her and she comes through for them.

She is very powerful emotionally and in the astral planes. Her emotions are her strength and few can withstand the full force of her anger. This emotional strength allows her to become very powerful in Magical work. She can fashion or alter astral events easily at will. She is a natural magician.