OAK Tarot Of Love And Romance Prince Of Swords

The Prince Of Swords

The Prince of Swords is related to other cards in the Tarot. He contains the essential elements of the Tarot Trump cards JUSTICE, DEATH, THE DEVIL and THE TOWER. The Prince is also related to the THREE of SWORDS, THREE of CUPS, FOUR of SWORDS, and FIVE of SWORDS.

His Element is AIR and mental energies. He is a very smart person that can’t find a socially acceptable way to use his talents and gifts. He seems to constantly be getting into trouble with the authorities. His efforts meet resistance and are blocked in all directions.

He is a very bitter person that doesn’t want anything to do with any one else. Retreating inside himself, he rejects others in bitterness and anger and wants to be alone with his pain. He has a terrible temper and reacts violently as he battles against the forces of society that would invade his privacy. He is a reactionary and is responsible for some of the public upheaval and revolutionary forces within society. His extreme views don’t make him a warm and fuzzy person to be around.

He can’t seem to advance in life despite all efforts. This often leads to depression, apathy and inactivity. He is extremely honest and won’t sell out to get ahead. As a result he won’t play the game and gets stuck where he is at. All in all he is a diamond in the rough and has many good qualities once you get to know him.

The Prince of Swords is a spiritual person and remains true to his inner conscience. He has been “born again” and identifies more with his immortal “soul ” than with his physical body. He has purified his inner nature until it is bright and shiny. He is more than a physical body. He has a very strong sense of self and knows who he is. His ego is very strong and stable.

He is also very aware of the physical life around him. He has a strong bond to plants and animals and has a cellular or organic type of awareness that allows him to instinctively understand these types of life. It is a constant struggle for him to maintain the essential elements of life, food, shelter, and clothing. These things are always a concern and never far from his thoughts. As a result life takes it’s toll from him and he often appears older than he really is.