OAK Tarot Of love And Romance Nine Of Wands

Nine of Wands

Symbol- He tells her that she is beautiful

She becomes beautiful

Meaning- He gives her the key

He not only has to transmute his spiritual energy into sexual energy, he has to transmute hers as well because they have combined to form astral energy. First he must learn to transmute it into mental energy.

Before he can do this he must confront not only his inner fears and insecurities but hers as well. After he can look in the mirror and say, “You are lovable in spite of your faults”, he will realize she rejected him for her own reasons and her own insecurities. She was not rejecting him as a person but rejecting her capacity to have a serious relationship with anyone.

He is finally able to realize she was not ready to have a serious relationship with anyone yet, she just wanted to have fun. After admitting he has made a fool of himself he is ready to date other girls. He now has a greater sensitivity and mental understanding of females. He is ready to date for companionship and fun without insisting upon a serious relationship.

Realizing she has her own insecurities and fears about relationships, he learns the importance of telling her that she is beautiful. How important it is to support her in the things she is trying to do. He helps her to believe in herself and in her ability to achieve her dreams.

As she struggles to transmute her sexual energy into spiritual energy she confronts her feelings of guilt and unworthiness. She realizes she has been hurting others and using them for her own pleasure. It had been so easy and fun. He brought her everything and treated her special. No one had ever done that before.

Her conscience begins to bother her and she begins to think about a more serious relationship. She dreads hurting someone by breaking off a relationship even if she is not happy in it. She doesn’t want to hurt him anymore.
She wants to make him happy and knows she can if she tries. She makes herself beautiful both physically and spiritually.

Male experience:

He confronts his own limitations. Heavy feelings of guilt and unworthiness are encountered. He is exposed to his greatest weaknesses and embarrassments in his efforts to understand her rejection of him. Finally he realizes he is lovable. If she rejected him it must be insecurities and weaknesses on her part.

He is stunned by the realization that his Goddess is human and suffers from the same fears and insecurities he does. It never occurred to him that maybe she just wasn’t ready for a serious relationship, that maybe she needed to be told she was beautiful.

Female experience:

Her conscience is beginning to bother her. She is getting a long list of broken hearts behind her. No one was ever supposed to get hurt. Why did they insist on falling in love with her? She doesn’t even love herself! Each time she ends a relationship she feels a little more empty inside.

She thinks about getting more deeply involved with someone and stays in a relationship she is not happy in because she doesn’t want to hurt him. She dresses up for him and begins to do things for him. She begins to feel beautiful and loved. It is a powerful feeling to realize someone really cares about her.