OAK Tarot Of Love And Romance Nine Of Swords

Nine of Swords

Symbol- He must become worthy of her. She wants to become worthy of him

Meaning- He gives her the key

He has benefited from his platonic friendships with other females. He has learned to be relaxed and comfortable around them and learned some of the things they are interested in.

He learns what they are attracted to in a man and can use that knowledge to make himself more attractive to the opposite sex. He is beginning to understand what a healthy relationship would be like.

He wishes that one of his platonic friendships would become more sexual in nature but it doesn’t. This creates a slight tension in his friendships that he doesn’t really know how to deal with. He would like a more serious relationship with her but she is content with things just the way they are. They are good friends and that is enough.

To her relationships have always been a roller coaster ride. At first she was on the top of the world and felt like a real queen. Everyone treated her so nice and did things for her. She actually began to believe she was as good as her dates said she was. She began to take advantage of them and abuse the relationship.

Later she took men away from other girls and fought to date the most popular men. Then these men began to dump her and she was left alone with no one interested in her.

It was all so intense and so uncontrolled. She enjoys her conversations with her platonic male friends. They are casual and relaxed. She can be her self and say what she really feels without worrying about others getting the wrong idea about her.

These platonic relationships have a stability and comfort she enjoys. Earlier she would have thought them boring. She is beginning to look for stability and comfort in her relationships.

The popular men that always have to be the center of attention now annoy her. They all seem so fake and shallow. She is looking for someone with real inner strength and a strong sense of self.

Male experience:

He enjoys his platonic friendships with other females. He is able to feel relaxed and comfortable around them. He is starting to understand the opposite sex and what they like in a man. He is able to make himself more attractive to them and is well liked.

He is somewhat frustrated because he would like a more sexual relationship but his female friends are not really interested in serious relationships right now, at least not with him. They would rather have him as a friend than as a romantic interest.

Female experience:

Her new platonic male friends are real comforting to be around after the stresses of more serious relationships. She likes the stability and the relaxed atmosphere. After so much excitement it feels good to just slow down for a while and feel comfortable around males.

She learns a lot by just being friends. Maybe men are not really the jerks she thinks they are. At least, maybe some of them are not jerks. She is drawn to the more quiet types that have a strong inner strength and a depth that her other dates didn’t have. These men are not trying to get in her pants all the time. They actually are interested in what she thinks and in what she has to say.