OAK Tarot Of Love And Romance King Of Swords

The King of Swords is related to other cards in the Tarot. He contains the essential elements of the Trump cards JUSTICE, DEATH, THE DEVIL and THE TOWER. The King is also related to the THREE of Wands, THREE of SWORDS, FOUR of SWORDS, and FIVE of SWORDS. His Element is AIR and the intellect.

He favors the reddish orange colors and is a champion of all living plant and animal life. He has tremendous magical power and uses it to help other life forms. He is a free and open communicator and has a good relationship with others. He is able to reach out easily and share with them. He is well liked because they can relate to him. People love his easy conversational style.

In spite of this society will not support him and tries to stop him any way it can. There is something about him that society feels is poisonous and must not be allowed to become too powerful. Perhaps it is his independence. The King of Swords has learned to be self-reliant and likes being alone against societal pressure. He is a non conformer. He takes a primitive delight in wearing bright colors and openly defying convention. His strong spiritual power allows him to get away with this. He has an affinity with silver and wears it when he can.

His outlook is very positive and he sees the best things in others as well as in himself. The powers of love and joy are very strong within him and his healing power can overcome all illness and adversity. He feels alive and vibrant and is in love with life.

He is very tough and has an armor that shields him from societal pressures to conform. He is a warrior and will not hesitate to go into battle astrally or physically if needed. He will do what needs to be done even if it is distasteful. If possible he avoids conflict because it is so draining on his vitality.