OAK Tarot Of Love And Romance Four Of Swords

Four of Swords

symbol- He tries to seduce her with his pain. She tries to seduce others to her


In a burst of love and light the seed bursts apart and begins to grow toward the surface of the earth. This sprouting brings the rapid growth and rebirth that had been promised with the planting of the seed.

While the relationship is over he hopes she will change her mind and come back to him. He has no interest in anyone else at this point. He keeps track of her and knows whom she is dating. He watches in agony as she has fun with someone else.

It is tearing him up and he feels as if something inside is dying. He can’t take the pain any more and he tells her how much he is suffering and how much he needs her to come back to him. He is starting to transmute mental energy into emotional energy and it hurts. He is putting words to his feelings.

He is not receiving much of her excess mental energy any more and his ego is suffering. Without her he is nothing. What he is needs is her emotional energy instead.

She listens to him but her excess mental energy is more than he can absorb and in fact, she thinks he is pathetic and glad she broke up with him. She is not interested in his problems. If he was a real man he would take care of them by himself.

In fact, she has a real man in mind. It will be a real challenge because all the other girls want him too. But won’t they be envious when they see her with him! It will be great! First she will have to take him away from this other girl though. That shouldn’t be too hard.

She cold bloodedly chooses the man she wants and does what she has to do to get him away from his girlfriend. It is more exciting to take males away from other females than it is to stay in a relationship that quickly gets stale. She can do this because mental energy rules her actions and she doesn’t feel emotional remorse at this point. She is intellectual and calculating.

It makes her feel strong and important to win someone away from another female. After winning his heart she dumps him for someone even more glamorous.

He finally accepts that the relationship will never be renewed. His heart and ego have both been badly bruised or broken. Relationships with the opposite sex are like poking a raw wound. He has had enough.

From now on he will do the dumping and the using. Either that or he will avoid females completely. Now it is his turn to dump her.

The mental energy is stuck at the heart area causing pain and congestion for him. In time as he learns to transmute this energy it will go lower and become a dull emotional ache.

She is intellectual and calculating in getting the things that she desires out of her relationships. When she is finally dumped it is devastating and uses up all of her excess mental energy and she is plunged into her emotions.

Male experience:

After they breakup he feels incredible pain as if his heart has a knife thrust through it. He takes it as long as he can before going back to her and begging her to come back. The pain is so bad. He needs her. He can’t live without her. He is generating emotional energy.

In time the pain becomes a dull emotional ache and he is determined to never feel that type of pain again. He becomes insensitive or immune to it and begins to take relationships more lightly. This time he will be the one to break it off.

Female experience:

After several successes she finally gets dumped. She is devastated. She feels that everyone is laughing at her. He used her! She was just a toy or ornament to him. He didn’t care for her at all. All of her old fears and insecurities come back with a vengeance. This time she has made enemies and no one is feeling sorry for her at all. They feel she is getting what she deserves.

It is time for her to transmute her sexual energy into mental energy and think about what is going on in her life. If she doesn’t do this things will get worse for her. She will react emotionally to those around her and drive them even further away.