OAK Tarot Of Love And Romance Five Of Swords

Five of Swords

symbol– His desire draws her astral body to him in dreams and traps it. She needs greater and greater thrills and excitement to keep away boredom.

Meaning- entrapment

There is forced growth as the plant struggles to grow to full size. The Spirit planes bestow a great vision and hope to the initiate. The ashes of the initiate’s past are dissolved into a growing pool of love and light energy. The initiate learns to master the emotions and love energy. The initiate is more determined than ever to succeed in his or her Quest. He or she does not care how long the journey or how difficult the road. The initiate will travel it.

He accepts they will never get back together again. Still, she has been the most important thing in his life and he thinks about her a lot. He still desires her and there is still an astral and emotional connection between them.

His desire for her is able to attract the remaining mental energy she has. She comes to him in dreams and he receives energy from her astral form. He becomes an energy vampire.

It is unlikely that she has any awareness of these astral encounters because it involves energy she is trying to get rid of anyway.

These dreams of her coming to him and giving him energy are very confusing for him because it seems that maybe she does love him after all. He may even ask her out again and be rejected again. He doesn’t realize his desire is drawing her energy to him in dreams without her consent or knowledge.

He is generating more of his own mental energy and creating a need for more female energy to balance it. This new mental energy allows him to escape the emotional pain he previously was experiencing. She is an available source because she has shared this type of energy with him before and they remain linked. She is compelled to give up her mental energy to him.

As her energy combines with his it forms a creative astral energy he uses to develop his ego and his personal view of the world. He is learning from his experiences with her. He is becoming more worldly and more of an individual. His soul grows with this new mixed energy.

She is not aware of giving up mental energies because she doesn’t bother to think about things any more. She wants to enjoy and live life, not think about it! Thinking is too painful because it brings up things she would rather forget.

She will do anything regardless of consequences and get away with it. She does as she pleases. She creates her future karmic load and binds herself in karmic chains. She is careless about the loss of her mental energies and seeks only new thrills and hedonistic pleasures.

Earlier she created astrally the life she wanted to live out of mental energy and deposited this energy into the astral planes. Now she thinks she is living that dream life but she really isn’t. What she is doing is using up her safety reserves of creative energy.

All too soon her fantasy life will end. Her dream fantasy life is only a short term thing. She built for the short term and will have nothing left for the long term until she learns how to transmute her sexual energy into higher forms of energy. Until then she is at the mercy of everyone else capable of using these higher energies against her.

Male experience:

As his mental understanding of his relationship with her develops he gains a deep understanding of cause and effect. He understands that some occurrences are the result of many small causes and not one big one. Moral codes are imposed by man and not by God. Things are a more complex than he was led to believe. He confronts the mess he made out of things and begins to free himself. He understands the opposite sex and her rejection of him.

He still loves her and she is in his thoughts but he doesn’t pursue her anymore. She comes to him in his dreams and gives him the energy he craves. He is content with this.

Female experience:

She wants to live life to the fullest and seeks greater thrills. She will do anything regardless of consequences and gets away with it. Moral values mean nothing to her and she creates her karmic load and burdens that she must bear in the future. She is burning bridges.

She could care less about the loss of her mental energies. She is a being of emotions and sensuality and is careless of what she does. She is living completely in the moment, experiencing physical life in its entirety and it is incredible.
She looses mental energy through astral dream experiences of an emotional and sexual nature.



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