OAK Tarot Of Love And Romance Eight Of Wands

Eight Of Wands

symbol- She comes to him in dreams

He takes her astral substance.

Meaning- join forces

She has given away her excess spiritual energy to several males. She is still capable of generating this energy by transmuting her sexual energy into spiritual energy but this is difficult at first and she resists doing it. It is hard to transmute one type of energy into another.

She is drawn to the male in her dreams even though she is not dating him any more. His desire for her is so intense it pulls her spirit to him as a moth to a flame. The astral connection once created is not easily broken. During this dream contact more of her spiritual energy is given to the male. She has no control over this. This energy exchange depletes her and forces her to transmute sexual energy into spiritual energy.

This action of transmuting sexual energy into spiritual energy opens up important energy channels within her physical body and her nervous system. It ensures she retains the ability to operate at the highest spiritual levels. If these channels remain blocked she would feel a loss of her spiritual self.

The male generates energy from light energy and stores it within his body. To do this he learns how to transmute light energy into sexual energy. It must be transmuted first into spiritual energy, then into mental energy, then into emotional energy, then into nerve energy and finally into sexual energy.

The process of doing this opens up important energy centers within his body and his nervous system. At first this is difficult and he resists fiercely by living entirely in his head with his abstract thoughts and spiritual ideals. His connection of physical reality is in danger.

If you think about something long enough you will get emotional about it. If you get emotional enough about something you will be compelled into action to do something about it. This is the process he must now go through.
It is vital he open these blocked channels if he wants to actualize his dreams into physical reality. If he doesn’t he will remain caught up in wild ideas and schemes that have no chance at becoming reality. He must anchor this volatile energy at the earth level, the sexual level.

Male experience:

He can’t get her out of his mind. She comes to him in his dreams. She haunts every part of his waking life. He is frustrated and angry at himself, her, and at the world for being the way it is.

His ego is identifying with his physical body but his growing psychic awareness is in conflict with his conscious awareness. His conscious awareness is telling him to let her go and find someone else. His psychic awareness is telling him he will never find anyone else like her. He will never find anyone that understands him so perfectly.

Gradually he comes to terms with her rejection of him and his emotional/spiritual wounds begin to heal.

Female experience:

She is determined to forget him and the others she has dated. In spite of her efforts she is pulled to him in her dreams. Instinctively she knows there is still a powerful connection between them and he is draining her of energy. She experiences a fearful struggle to maintain any spiritual life at all. She feels as if she is loosing her virtue and being dragged down into materialism and sensuality against her will. He is somehow making her feel dirty.

By transmuting her sexual energy into spiritual energy she learns how to deal with this energy exchange effortlessly and retain her spiritual connection.