OAK Tarot Of Love And Romance Eight Of Swords

Eight of Swords

symbol– He must have more female mental energy. She must have more male mental energy.

Meaning- join forces

He must have more female energy to gain the realistic global perspective he needs to achieve his goals. Her energy helps him to see more clearly.

At the time she created her own astral future she created his potential future too. He has been locked into stereotyped roles that both she and society demand he act out.

He has been trapped by how society perceives him and can’t achieve his own goals. He can only achieve socially approved goals.

By absorbing more of her energy he can take that pure energy into the astral in dreams and change his future. He does this by absorbing the negative aspects into his body and replacing them with pure energy.

This is a cut and paste operation and very time consuming. It also requires tremendous amounts of energy because he is trying to alter society’s expectations of him. The best he can do is to achieve his goals by following socially approved routes such as job training and work experience. He is forced to compromise.

To get more energy he socializes with other females. He has female friends he can talk to and socialize with. Dating is not important to him at this time. He is learning to conform to societies’ demands and society gradually rewards him for his efforts.

She isn’t dating anyone now and it is a refreshing change of pace. She is transmuting sexual energy into mental energy fairly easily and needs some male energy to combine with it. With the combined energy she can create a new future for herself that is more complete and carefully thought out than her last try.

Her best bet is to find males that can easily generate mental energy just as she can. She is looking for platonic friendships and not for romantic attachments.

Both of them are just looking for someone easy to talk to and someone that is just a friend. Conversations become more meaningful than dating does. The energy flows easily between them and many good conversations are the result.
They both learn a lot about the opposite sex and about relationships in general. This is an easy, relaxed time for both of them and pleasant in an easy going way.

Male experience:

He is freely generating mental energy now and requires a large quantity of female energy to combine with it. He is using this combined energy to alter how society perceives him. He is conforming to the rules of society in his efforts toward achieving his personal goals.

He socializes with females and becomes platonic friends with them. He is more interested in good conversation than he is in a relationship. He is relaxed around them and enjoys himself.

Female experience:

She is freely generating mental energy now and requires a large amount of male energy to combine with her own to produce astral energy. She uses this energy to create new futures for herself that are more realistic than her first efforts. She is not very interested in social roles or what society expects of her and is still in this respect a rebel.

She enjoys good conversations with males and develops platonic friendships. She is not really interested in romantic relationships. She enjoys talking to males with radical points of view that differ from the norm. She tends to be a political activist.