OAK Tarot Of Love And Romance

The Prince of Wands is related to the Tarot Trump cards HIGH PRIESTESS, HIEROPHANT, EMPEROR, THE LOVERS, STRENGTH and WHEEL OF FORTUNE.

The Prince is also related to the ACE of Wands, ACE of CUPS, TWO of Wands, TWO of CUPS, THREE of Wands, and THREE of CUPS. His Element is Fire.

The Prince of Wands has fully developed his body of light and can astral travel in full awareness at all levels of the astral planes. His awareness can travel through the cosmic circuit as light and photon pulses. This gives him deep insight into nature and life itself.

The interesting thing is that even though he is born with the second sight he will often fear it and repress it. He sees too deeply into things and prefers to not look at times. This makes it hard to share personal things with him because it feels uncomfortably intimate.

He is the farmer that loves working in the field growing crops, being close to nature and animals. He is their protector and guardian spirit. He is tough and weathered like an oak tree.

A natural outdoorsman, he is a deeply spiritual person that can make friends out of enemies. He is not an emotional person and any emotional thoughts are painfully destroyed as soon as they appear. He would rather trust his intellect instead. He has a strong body and nervous system that can withstand the rough treatment of being constantly outdoors.

You might recognize him by this phrase,”that just doesn’t make any sense”. It is easy to be intimidated by him because he is competent at so many things.