OAK Tarot Of Love And Romance Ace Of Swords

Ace of Swords

symbol– they date, he is awkward and uncomfortable. She flirts with him.

Meaning- union.

The Ace of Swords represents mental energy and conscious awareness of the opposite sex.
This marks the beginning of social dating. He has learned to not push for a more serious relationship and tries to be content with enjoying social activities together. He learns to relax and enjoy the moments for what they really are, shared time together.

She has learned he is a person with feelings that can easily be hurt. She spends more time getting to know the real person he is. She is more willing to stay in a relationship than she was before. She is ready to give this one an honest try.
This is an explosive mix as he tries to keep the relationship on a social level that is safe for them both. He has already been hurt and is not keen on being hurt again.

Her efforts to get to know him are very intimate and personal. She doesn’t want to know his dreams and goals as much as she wants to know who he really is, his good points and bad points.

She also wants to know how he feels about her and if she is sexually attractive to him.

The first idealism of youth is gone and both are looking at the relationship from a more practical perspective. Now they are exchanging mental energy instead of spiritual energy.

He generates mental energy by transmuting spiritual energy. It is time for turning his spiritual and idealistic goals into reality. This is harder than it seems because reality and altruistic goals do not often come together smoothly.

As he begins to exchange mental energy with her they talk about life and its restrictions. Together they exchange views on what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. The merging of his male energy and her female energy brings these issues into sharp focus. The interaction between them helps both to become clear on what they believe.

They learn about what is expected of them and what they expect of each other. They try to compromise between what they want out of life and what society wants out of them. They are frustrated, why can’t they have the type of life they want to have? Why does life seem so unfair? Why are there so many obstacles placed in their way?

She has an excess of readily available energy from birth and he can only generate small amounts at a time. While he is trying to understand the socially acceptable thing he must do, She has jumped ahead of him and decided that society is a restrictive force to be rebelled against.

Male experience:

He determines to take control of his life and fulfill his dreams. With an act of will and courage he begins dating again. This is a time for fun and not for a serious relationship. He learns quickly that certain behaviors are acceptable and others are not.

He learns there are consequences to his actions and he must act responsibly in life. He has to do the socially acceptable thing if he is going to succeed. He must do it by the book.

Female experience:

She is interested in him as a person and begins dating him. She is carefree and rebels against the socially acceptable. She likes to toy and flirt and see what she can get away with. She wants to explore sensual pleasures and enjoys pulling his strings.

She feels confined by social roles that tell her what she can and can’t do. Instinctively she understands she must do her own thing to be totally free. She is looking for excitement. She enjoys her time with him exploring the bounds of forbidden behavior.