OAK Spiritual Baptism 1st Degree

Since I’ve already posted the first part of the OAK Energy Ball Meditation I need to share more information about it. That post was how to do it and this post is what is does!

Traditionally magical orders would connect new members into the organizations egregores through magical initiation. The traditional magical order was hierarchal in nature, OAK is not hierarchal. The traditional magical order initiated through a chain of linked individuals that worked as an electrical circuit wired in series. Upon induction the initiate transferred his or her power to the egregore of the order with the promise of some day getting it back with interest. This was essentially a pyramid scheme because the energy was always kept in the hands of the higher ups.

OAK does things differently, it wires its members in parallel circuits where each receives the most they can from the very beginning! It does this by first linking its members to the highest energies and then linking them to the lowest earth energies in a spiritual way. The more people that are linked together, the greater the tank current that is generated and that can be drawn upon by any individual member.

The OAK Energy Ball Meditation of Spiritual Baptism which I recently posted connects each individual to their own Higher Self and Source in a permanent way. Once this connection is established it is permanent and can’t be undone. This meditation/initiation fuses the spiritual energies of Source with those of the pineal gland, pituitary gland and the thyroid glands and phase locks them together in a permanent way.

This formation of the OAK Energy ball is the true initiation into the 1st OAK Degree.

With the successful completion of this portion of the meditation the Organic Gnostic has gone beyond mere exposure to these concepts and taken the next step in actually experiencing them within their own body and soul and begun the harmonization of these energies. This is a very powerful crossing of a magical threshold that brings one within the protective energies of the Order itself. It creates a permanent change in the astral fabric of the individual soul. Once correctly completed the meditation never needs to be repeated because the new pattern will resist change.