OAK Minerval The Organic Gnostic

The exposure to the concepts in my posts is an initiation in its own right that needs to be discussed. In one way or another this is the way initiation has always been. It begins with exposure to new concepts and dots begin to be connected within each individual’s own paradigm of reality. An awareness and understanding once expanded can never return to the smaller box it originally lived in! That means each new connection and illumination bring changes to the psyche that can’t be undone, only modified.

The intent of my posts is to offer antidotes to toxic concepts that already plague and torment humanity. They are meant to spark original thought and to be left behind when one has found their own truth. A true catalyst leaves nothing of itself behind!

These posts consist of what I call the OAK material, short for Order of Anarchistic Knights. I might also say short for Organized Applied Knowledge! This knowledge is woven together so tightly that it creates a matrix that is self supporting and self sustaining. It is all connected together in some way even if that connection is not readily apparent.

Entry into such a matrix is a one way street. Once you start on the path of Organic Gnosticism there is no going back! The thing to be pointed out is simply that these posts reflect my own personal matrix and you need to develop your own! Traditionally by offering my own matrix you can sort through it and take from it things that you like. By making this material public I am less likely to get into magical duels because your own matrix will not be as likely to conflict with mine and it might even be supportive of mine! This creates a win-win situation for everyone!

So exposure to these concepts is an initiation in its own right, and the soul growth and development of the Organic Gnostic gradually increases as the material is integrated and the catalytic effect is gone. That point has it’s own grade of OAK Minerval. But in any magical system the first step is exposure to the energies and concepts of that system. The right people will be attracted and the wrong people will be turned away. That is the way it has always been.