The OAK system of magic recognizes 121 different primary magic energies. Level one energy is “Absolute Light” or the “Photon State” and is the highest level possible. Level 121 is “Absolute Black” or the “void”.

These two levels are Cosmic power sources like the two poles of a battery. There is a tremendous voltage between these two levels and the magic energy will take any pathway possible to go from one to the other.

Unlike past magic traditions that used either “Absolute Light” or “Absolute Black” as power sources, OAK uses both at the same time.

It is much like the difference between the electrical system in a flashlight that uses direct current and the electrical outlet in your home that uses alternating current at a much higher voltage.

OAK uses alternating current between levels 1 and 121. The energy flow is in both directions. Because of the two way energy flow, an OAK magician needs to balance and harmonize his or her higher self with their shadow self and integrate them under the ruler ship of the healthy human ego.

In short, an OAK magician needs to be healthy physically, emotionally, and mentally in order to handle the extreme energies they work with.

“Absolute Light” is considered as expansive and masculine or “God” energy. “Absolute Black” is considered an inward manifesting,gravitational type energy and is considered feminine or “Goddess” energy.

These are the two primal power sources that drive the entire OAK magic system. “Absolute Light” and “Absolute Black” have no moral attributes such as right or wrong. In fact, they are both considered extremely healthy and needed for life.

Level 2 is rotating magnetic field energy. This can be either clockwise or counter clock wise and either outward moving or inward moving, male or female. Level 2 energy actually links levels 1 and 121 together for the first time and creates and alternate route for the cosmic energy to flow.

Rotating magnetic field energy is another name for the “magic cone of power” that is generated during magic work. The expansive male type of vortex is protective in nature and keeps out non harmonious influences. This is most commonly used and the deosal circle or clockwise. The counterclockwise or widdershins vortex is a manifesting vortex that aids in the physical manifesting of things. It however, mutates and alters intent to get results so it is not commonly used and considered dangerous.

Levels 3 through 120 are simply the non-physical energies of the physical elements Hydrogen, Helium, Lithium….ect. Each new level is created with the addition of one Proton (Light energy) and one electron (“Black energy). The non-physical levels 3 through 120 create the astral layers around the earth itself. The outermost layer is the Hydrogen layer, the next inner layer is the Helium layer and the next inner to that is the Lithium layer….ect. So in OAK we find exactly 118 layers in the astral world and each layer is associated with one physical element and in the non-physical aspect of that element.

The heaviest possible element has seven complete electron rings around it. Like the seven colors of the rainbow and the seven musical notes of the piano keyboard seven is very significant in nature.