OAK Healing And Prosperity Circle

What I’m about to share is the most powerful and magical thing I have ever experienced. A small group of people that have linked together as described in the OAK 3rd Degree meditation sit in a circle facing each other.

The leader begins the meditation by asking everyone to visualize bringing the light down into the center of the circle just like they bring the light down to form a ball of energy above their heads in the other meditation. But this time they are all bringing the light down to form a ball of energy in the middle of the circle. You can move the energy ball up until the energies of all participants click together. Then you can bring it down further. You can feel the energy of the entire group fuse at the crown chakra level. It fills the entire circle with that energy.

Then you ask everyone to begin working with a second energy ball in the middle of the head and repeat the process. Have each group member help the other group members by lending them energy. Then fuse that particular energy together within the entire circle. You can feel when it happens. Then merge both energies so that they are one energy.

Continue this process moving downward and including the energies of each chakra fusing all of them into one large energy. Remember the chakra at the feet and finally send the energy down into the core of the earth. Continue filling the earth with this energy until it over flows and continue pouring in the groups energy until it rises back up and returns back to Source. This creates a powerful pillar of light/energy and opens a powerful portal that envelopes the entire group.

It feels very beautiful and loving and healing. The energy is very blissful to experience.

Then go around the circle and have each person request that healing energy be sent to a loved one. The entire group sends the energy as requested. After everyone has requested a healing for a loved one go around the group again and have everyone request a blessing from Source, something that is desired or needed and all group members focus energy for the manifestation of that goal.

When everyone is done give thanks and end the circle. This is done by simply grounding the energy. Working with spiritual energy this way is very different from working with earth energies. I have never experienced discomfort from working with these energies in this way because they are self grounding. None of the circle members has ever experienced discomfort either although some have experienced out of body episodes because of the intensity of the energy.

What the entire group is doing is linking vertically and horizontally and acting to channel from Source to Gaia’s core. This creates a portal so strong that once we were outside and could hear the wind blowing but couldn’t feel it. No ritual was involved.