OAK Energy Ball Meditation Part 2 The Royal Arch OAK 2nd Degree


After you have perfected the basic energy ball it is time to start working with it in a deliberate and conscious manner. Your awareness can reside in this energy ball. In a way this energy ball is an astral vehicle for your awareness. We are going to use it to open the blocked energy pathways within the body.

This energy ball is your “safe” area where you can safely come to terms with “buried” and repressed emotional baggage and trapped “black” energy. In this safe area you bring “black” energy under conscious control. You begin by working from the top downward one layer at a time.

After forming the energy ball try to raise it as high into the spiritual light as you can. From this point on always attempt this contact with the “light” because it is your energy source. Feel your mind and awareness rise as if it is in an elevator as you raise the energy ball into the light. Move the energy ball up and down and feel your awareness move up and down with it. Get used to the feeling of your awareness rising and lowering through these different energy levels.

Next try forcing the energy ball down the spine. Because the rest of the body is not “synchronized” there will be resistance and it will not want to go very far. Make this attempt at least three times before quitting. After the third try raise the ball as high as it will go toward your “energy source”. Your energy ball will have accumulated “dark” energy and need to be purified in the light.

As the energy ball comes in contact with repressed “black” energy it grabs the black energy like a magnet. This black energy will cling to the energy ball. Only moving the energy ball back up into the light will release the black energy.

This is important because your downward efforts have loosened quite a bit of “black” energy and brought it to your awareness in a shocking manner. The spiritual or light energy helps to dissolve and neutralize the “black” energy keeping you soundly in control of those waves of emotion that will begin to wash over you later during the day.

This simple practice will release incredible amounts of trapped emotional energy allowing it to be used for other purposes. It is possible to intensify the experience by taking a deep breath and holding it while both raising the ball and forcing it downward against the resistance. Try it first without holding your breath. When you have done as much as you can move to this next step. Take your time. This may take several sessions. You are releasing toxins from the body and turning them over to your higher power.

The method I used was to inhale, hold my breath and mentally push the energy ball downward. Then I would exhale and inhale and exhale normally before repeating. This practice of holding the breath as long as comfortable is extremely powerful because it forces oxygen into the blood and then into the brain. It can easily cause dizziness and should only be used with caution by those in excellent health.

Even if done only once a day this exercise will release “trapped” emotional energy throughout the entire day as spontaneous waves that suddenly wash over you. As a result you will be very preoccupied with your personal growth and healing process. It will be a highly disruptive period but a very productive one.

As I was working through some of my “black” energy I felt what I was doing was the most important thing I had ever done in my life. I was freeing myself from past karma that had held me back my entire life. It was also the most exciting thing I had ever done and was very intense. I could feel the power flowing through me!

Early Christians called this type of experience taking away your sins or freeing yourself from your sins. They had their own method of releasing this trapped emotional energy.


By the time you are able to move the energy ball down into the solar plexus area you will notice something very disturbing. The energy ball will go down quite easily but will tend to get “stuck” when you try to raise it back up! Some people have noticed this at the throat chakra. This indicates a deeply rooted emotional trauma that is not easily released. It is like a time bomb of toxic energy inside us waiting to go off. The best thing to do is to not force things and gently work the energy ball up and down the spine several times.

Each time the energy ball rises up the spine little slivers or splinters of “black” energy will be released. Work past the deeply buried problem area and the energy will release itself. This will probably happen as a spontaneous release of emotional weeping. As an example I was working through some childhood issues when suddenly I was overwhelmed by feelings of emotional abandonment I had experienced as a child and repressed as too painful to remember. That toxic energy had been trapped in my physical body since I was a child. This did not happen during the meditation but later during the day.

After two hours of emotional sobbing and releasing the energy I felt better than I ever had in my life. Something bad in my life was no longer there. It had been released. If this energy had not been released it would have been released in knee-jerk psychotic behaviors beyond my conscious control. This is what I mean by safely releasing the energy and working the energy ball from the top down.

This also stresses the importance of developing the energy ball as a safe area for your awareness to retreat to if it has to. From the mental perspective it is easier to deal with these emotional time-bombs we all have within us. It allows us to remain in control and “safely” experience and release that which must be experienced and released.


Continue moving the energy ball downward until it can move freely from the base of the spine to the top of the head without any restrictions or releases of “black” energy. When this has been accomplished your entire body will be phase locked with the spiritual energy source above your head.

“Spiritual energy” can now circulate freely throughout your entire body making small adjustments to increase your health and vitality. Emotional, sexual, and physical energy still can’t circulate freely because they are denser and much slower. They require much more purification. Still, now this can be safely done. The inner circuits already opened will act as emergency relief valves when pockets of denser “black” energy are activated and released.


After moving the energy ball completely up and down the spine without resistance try forcing it downward toward the center of the earth. This will tap into more “black” energy that is surrounding your environment. By releasing this energy into your awareness you are defusing potentially dangerous situations by gaining awareness of them and neutralizing the charge they carry.

This earth energy will activate more “black” energy within your body and shake it loose so you can get rid of it. As long as your energy ball is “phase locked” with the spiritual power source all released “black” energy will go upward until it comes into conscious awareness where it can be dealt with safely and harmlessly. In AA this is termed turning things over to a “Higher Power”. We are using the energy ball to do this in a more mechanical way.

There is a power point where your feet touch the earth. Create an energy ball at this point and work with it as before. There are nine chakra points. Seven are within the body. One is just above the top of the head and one is where the feet touch the earth.

With practice you will be able to effortlessly move the energy ball deep within the earth and raise it upward as high as possible until it disappears into the “spiritual” light. Doing this will draw earth energy up into your body as a second power source. It will also create a column of light that goes from your spiritual power source down into the center of the earth to connect with your earth power source and with element #118.

This will establish a strong two way current within your physical body and anchor both power sources in a way that will make them constantly open and active. This ensures rapid growth and development as all parts of your body and psyche begin to “phase lock” together.

Only at this point is it safe to work will the strong physical and sexual energies in any serious manner.

For all practical purposes this completes the “lesser” work and begins the work of working with the dense earth energies. It took about six months for me to do. I have done it with groups of people in two hours. Working as a group makes the process much easier because you are able to draw on other groups members for help through the tough spots.

With the opening of these channels added energy flows through the body as the result of both solar and lunar influences. Now these powerful cycles are adding their energy with yours and individual progress is greatly accelerated. You become a channel for cosmic energies, solar energies and lunar energies.

When completed this meditation creates a permanent change within the energy channels of the physical body. It opens and releases blocked areas. I have done this with over sixty people in different group settings with similar results and feedback.

It is the most powerful way I know of to open the major energy channels within the body. It is also the fastest and safest.

In Masonry the “Royal Arch Degree” symbolizes what this meditation does. The mason is searching for the lost word and treasure. Among the ruins of an old building they excavate and find a hidden chamber. Beneath that chamber lies another chamber and beneath that yet another. Depending upon the variation of masonry there are seven or nine chambers that must be excavated to reach the bottom and find the lost word.

This meditation uses nine chambers, the seven within the physical body,one above the body and one beneath the body. It connects these chambers with two sources of cosmic power. Spiritual energy is tapped as high into the light as possible to reach. We lift the energy ball into the light until the toxic energy it carries is released.

The second source of cosmic power lies at the center of the earth. We draw that up into our lives for increased health and empowerment.