No Proof Of Life After Death

We can argue until doomsday about what happens when we die and it will not change the way things really are. Just because we believe in heaven or hell doesn’t mean they really exist. We have no way of knowing until we experience it for ourselves. If we have a personal relationship with God it doesn’t matter what happens after we die.

There is evidence that self awareness requires both a soul body and a physical body. This implies that the soul must reincarnate into a new physical human body after the old one dies.

As already stated, there is no proof for this and belief or disbelief will not change the way things really are. There are several advantages to accepting this concept however.

Immediately we are confronted by the need to act responsibly. Heaven or hell are seen as states of mind and not as physical realities. They are mental and emotional realities.

We cannot escape our problems through suicide because we will just find ourselves back in another body facing the same or similar problems over and over again until we resolve them.

We can create heaven on earth for ourselves and for our fellow human beings.

The devil is seen as a scapegoat we use to avoid responsibility for our own actions. The devil made me do it! Becomes one of the lamest excuses imaginable.